How does it work Google Play Store?

Apps, movies, music ... Google's digital content store keeps you busy. Looking for ways to pass the time during a long trip? If you have an Android smartphone, do not hesitate to check out the Google Play Store. Just have a Google account (or create one) to be able to shop in the gigantic digital content shop of the firm.

How to report a fraudulent email?

Phishing, or phishing, is a widespread practice on the web. You may have already received one of these fraudulent e-mails pretending to be your bank or your telephone company. These messages often pretend the imminent closure of an account or the need to repay a sum to ask for your bank details.

At Picasso, as if you were there

You missed the beautiful documentary series Adventurers of Modern Art on Arte at the end of last week? Do not panic ! Rush on your tablet or computer to watch: it is available in Replay for another three to five days (depending on the episodes).

How far does art go in Miami?

A giant hand protected by a household glove seems to extract a polluting tanker from the ocean. Impressive, this fresco inaugurated last week in Wynwood, the artistic district of Miami. On the sidelines of the 14th edition of the upscale art fair Art Basel organized annually by the rich city of Florida, two artists wanted to educate the public in their way to the protection of the environment.

How to wear shirt dress with style

Among the basics of the wardrobe, the dress shirt arrives in a good place. An ideal clothing to wear, at the beach or in the evenings, with ease. Choose yours according to your morphology. Follow the guide. When we are small We forget the long dresses below the knees, under penalty of packing and make you look even smaller.

3 sites to build my terrace in addition to its line of furniture available in many colors, the French brand offers clever outdoor lighting (portable rechargeable LED ...) but also a beautiful collection of outdoor accessories (cushions, rugs, tray ...) to irresistible prints. Most ? A clever software to load the photo of its terrace online, to choose, at home, the ideal shade of its equipment.