Bad hair in the morning? Try the left side of the bed

It is always said that the one who has bad hair in the morning got up with his left foot. The image is talking, but it seems that it is especially the side of the bed where we sleep that determines the mood on waking. This is in any case what asserts a study conducted on behalf of an English brand of food supplement (so to take with all the precautions of use: we are more in the field of marketing than science), which concludes that it is better to sleep on the left side of the bed if one wants to know smile mornings.

We sweat as we eat

The tastes and the colors, it is subjective. Everyone's preferences. In terms of odors, we could say the same thing, but there is still often consensus on one point: the aroma that emerges from a pair of sweaty underarms. This is a subject about which a team of American psychologists has looked seriously.

Sex: older people more active than younger generation

With the rise of dating sites and applications, one might think that young people are multiplying their experiences under the covers. According to a recent US study, it would be just the opposite. Its author, Professor Jean Twenge, reports that "Millennials (people who reached adulthood in the 2000s) and subsequent generations have less frequent relationships than their parents and grandparents when they were young".