Beware of fake hypermarket vouchers!

You will be happy! On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Leclerc (who will actually celebrate in 2019), the brand offers generous coupons of 250 euros to its loyal Internet users! Only condition: fill out a form and share the info with your friends via Facebook. This is obviously a scam currently circulating on social networks. It is not quite new, other brands have been victims in recent months (Auchan, super U ...) and not only for hypermarkets since, last month, it is the Vendée Park du-Fou who was the subject of a fraud on the social network WhatsApp. One could thus read "Le Puy-du-Fou offers 5 free tickets to 500 families to celebrate its 40th anniversary". The arrival of summer seems conducive to the development of these bad plans. So distrust!

The risk ? Your personal data (address, phone, email ...) are recovered by malicious people, who will resell them thereafter.

Remember that this type of scam can always be reported, whether you are a victim or witness, via the

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