The sign H & M creates controversy after a photo considered racist

2018 begins with a controversy for the Swedish giant H & M. In question, the photo of a little black boy wearing a sweatshirt with the following inscription: "Coolest monkey in the jungle", ie: "The coolest monkey in the jungle". Explanations.

This Sunday, H & M unveiled on its English site a new collection of ready-to-wear for children. Among the many pieces, one could find a sweat green, worn by a little black boy, with the inscription: " Coolest monkey in the jungle "Understand:" The coolest monkey in the jungle ".

Spotted by a model and blogger, Stephanie Yeboahthis photo, considered racist, has been denounced on the web and shared thousands of times. On Twitter, she writes: " Who had the idea at H & M to bring to a little black boy a sweatshirt where it is written: the coolest monkey in the jungle? On the social networks, the controversy swelled following the publication of a second photo, that of a small boy of Caucasian type, with a sweater of the same collection, which bears, this time, the inscription next : " Expert in survival ".

Many shocked Internet users have denounced this advertising campaign. Some, regret an umpteenth controversy launched on Twitter, while others, speak of a voluntary provocation on the part of the brand, and therefore a bad buzz. H & M finally removed the photo in question to leave only the sweatshirt presented without manikin. She also apologized a few hours later: " We apologize to anyone who may have been offended ".

Offended, the artist The Weeknd, announced that he would end his collaborations with the brand. This is not the first time that a sign of this magnitude triggers the wrath of the Internet. In 2014, the brand Zara shocked by unveiling a blue-and-white striped T-shirt adorned with a yellow star similar to the Star of David, imposed on Jews during the Second World War. In the face of criticism, the brand removed this piece from the sale.

Whose idea was it at that sweet little black boy wear a jumper that says 'coolest monkey in the jungle'?
I mean. What.

- Stephanie Yeboah (@NerdAboutTown) January 7, 2018

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