Lined skin jacket: 15 top models that make us crack

Adopt the inevitable jacket of the season according to your style thanks to our selection of shearling guns!

This is not really a novelty of the dressing room because it has always been ranked among the timeless jackets that populate our closet, yet the jacket like sheepskin has never been so popular with fashionistas. Jacket of holidays in the country or complice of the folk style in camel skin, it remained until then rather discreet, crossing the years in the cool season without making noise. Warm and cozy, he had however always had all the qualities to establish himself as one of the most trendy winter coats. It is now done in this year 2018 so we take the opportunity to adopt without further ado and be elegant without being cold!

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How to wear the woolen jacket without following the trend like a sheep?

The curly or shaved woolen skin is the fur of this winter. And that's good, no need to convince you, you love it on shearling jacket, shearling style ! Only here, everyone wears it precisely. Easily follow the movement without melting into the herd by betting on variants of classic all-black or cream-collar camel models.

For that, dare the color! The woolen jacket is available in other matte colors such as navy blue, gray, khaki or burgundy which are more original but still very easy to associate with your clothes of all days. A boon to bring the trend to measure.
If you are more adventurous, also aim for the flashy colors par excellence: red. Very fashionable version of the shearling jacket, this option will not make you pass unnoticed certainly but it will be impossible to confuse you with others. For the most girly of us, powdery pink will also give a new breath to basic for chic and tender looks. Finally, the most daring will also dare shearling jackets metallic version who are starting to point the collar in sheep in the collections of the season. With them, you limit the risk of copied and pasted looks to the maximum!

Another clever trick to not find yourself with the same model on the back as your neighbor, bet on two-colored jackets with a shaved wool of a different color than the jacket. Black collar on colorful or metallic jackets, white collar on blue jacket, pink glue on black jacket, it's up to you to boost your model with the air of nothing and make the difference!

How to wear your shearling jacket?

Rock version, we choose in total black look, collar and sleeve details including. It replaces the traditional leather jacket Perfecto® way to keep us warmer during the winter months. Or, we put on the red rock'n'roll wish. We mix them both with vintage jeans or skirts that reveal very opaque black tights and we associate messy t-shirts with messages when we do not slip a little cashmere sweater under because we're more chilly . At the feet, it will be ankle boots to bring a touch of perfect femininity or trendy white sneakers for the practical side.

Folk versionit is bicolored in camel, beige or soft gray with a cream colored collar or bright white. We mix it with a blue jeans and a big twisted wool sweater. We then boots or boots in the same colors as the jacket to create a beautiful harmony.

Chic versionwe put on a pallet of elegant shades such as pale pink, midnight blue or burgundy. The jacket then dresses little black dresses or combos blouses + trousers tailor without worries giving them a look a little cooler.

Evening version, we dare without hesitation the silver version or even gold that plays in the centerpiece of a look to be the queen of the party or the evening. We calm the game with sober clothes and we put on shoes to be glamorous or chic derbies.

All you have to do is adopt the hot jacket of the season!

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