Little winter tops: 15 new arrivals at the top

Because in winter it's not just the sweaters, vests, sweats and fleeces that count, discover our selection of novelties in small tops.

Man sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, knit, cotton, scratch, à flakes, flowers ... The little ups are declined to infinity, and that's why we love them so much. This year, there are, however, some models for which it is absolutely necessary to crack. Follow the guide !

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Little ones to have in his wardrobe

Just like for sweaters, upright collar also impose on the little ups. They are elegant and bring you warmth, without having to endure a thick mesh that scratches. For a more girly side, you can also adopt the Peter Pan collar, become, today, a real timeless. For more comfort, do not hesitate to fall for long-sleeved tops, sweatshirt style. They go with everything and are hypra fun, especially when they prank themselves of messages trend. Another gimmick mode to adopt without moderation? The flounces, obviously. They are everywhere this summer, they are resisting this winter by winning at the sleeves or shoulders. If you opt for a little high evening version, nothing beats the lace. This year, she is still everywhere. The latter is a safe bet to be sexy without doing too much. Finally, the last new trend to adopt is called: transparency. And yes, this year, dare the T-shirt or long-sleeved top, fully twisted black transparent tulle. At once rock and chic, it's the perfect it-top to shine in the evening.

With what to associate his little top to not be cold?

Okay, we agree. A little high is not as hot as a cashmere sweater. Yet, they are not proscribed in winter. Worn and associated with the right pieces, you can stay warm, even with small tops.

Option 1: Play the layering
It's practical and ultra trendy. You can, for example, mix a lingerie top with a white tee shirt or a t-shirt with a superimposed pattern on a long-sleeved top. The overlay gives you a little original side, while allowing you to wear lighter parts and without getting cold.

Option 2: multiply layers
It's also called "onion", but it sounds less classy. With this technique, it's impossible to be cold. To wear all your little favorite winter tops, nothing better than a tank top or a bodysuit under your top, enhanced by a cashmere vest and / or light down jacket, to slip easily under a coat.

Option 3: Play the Accessories Card
Finally, to not be cold in small high, we must obviously think of the accessories that have, too, a role to play. To you plaid scarves, the berets, the caps, the boots stuffed with fake fur well, obviously the gloves.

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