Ultra violet: how to adopt the Pantone color of the year 2018?

Get used to it! Elected color of the year 2018 by Pantone, the purple will disembark in mass in our cupboards. How to adopt this color deemed difficult to wear? Answer in 40 pieces fashion and accessories.

Bye-bye the "greenery green" of 2017 and hello "ultra-violet" of 2018: according to the American Pantone color chart, it will be the trend color of this new year.
At first, we admit it, we believed a joke. Purple, seriously? Cold, hard, icy, it was said that it would be difficult to supplant the greenery that we liked! And then, we started to look at the pictures, the looks and we have gradually changed. And if violet came to surprise us where we did not expect it?

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Why a color of the year?

Every year, since 1999, the American company bets on one of the many colors of its color chart to make it the future big trend of the next 12 months 2018. And every time, it works: Pantone colors make rain and shine in fashion as in deco throughout the year!

For 2018, Pantone wanted a color with hope and an exhilarating message.Whether exploring new technologies or other regions of the galaxy, or stimulating artistic expression and spiritual reflection, this intuitive color encourages us to move forward"says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

How to adopt the ultra violet of 2018?

Even Pantone recognizes it: purple is one of the most difficult colors of its color chart to tame. "It's almost the most complex color because it takes two seemingly diametrically opposite shades, blue and red, that brings them together to create something new", admits Leatrice Eiseman.
To adopt, we start so gently. Fine or XXL belts, jewelery, shoes, sneakers, small leather goods or big bag, it's up to you. The accessories is the right dose to get used to the side sometimes a little dark purple.
Then we go gradually: after the accessories and shoes, we attack small pieces easy to live like T-shirts and sweaters. A perfect color to make jeans a bit chic.
It's also easy to adopt purple when you choose a fluid cashmere-print dress: opaque black tights, a big man's coat on top, and you've won.
And the total look in all this? We leave it to others!
To not turn too much girly, we avoid the association of colors pink + purple and we favor warm colors like chocolate or yellow curry. Or, we cut everything by combining a big purple sweater with black and white plaid pants, so trendy this winter.

Finally, before converting completely to the ultra-violet, we can also go crescendo by exploring the full chromatic range of this color: purple to plum through the violin, lilac, purple and orchid.

Video: Colour Of The Year Ultraviolet (November 2019).


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