An app to help take care of your beloved clothes

Take care of his clothes? Its not always easy. How to wash them? At what temperature? Can we put them in the dryer? Do not panic. The "My Tag" app helps you preserve your favorite pieces.

Decrypting clothing labels is not always easy. We are not going to lie to each other, to make a mistake by making a machine, it has already happened to everyone. And yes, you are not the first (nor the last) to have found your white tee shirt favorite tinged with red, your cashmere with pills, or your sweater loved shrunken of two sizes. Fortunately, to cope with all these clumsiness and the well-being of your favorite clothes, we have found an application at the top. The latter is simply called: " My label Its primary purpose is to facilitate the daily life of the consumer by allowing him to better decipher clothing labels and decrypt various symbols affixed to it. His little plus? The application brings together different sections to properly take care of your favorite pieces. In particular, there are valuable tips for eliminate tasks : oil, fat, fruit, or alcohol (very useful after a drunken evening). There are also tips for increase the life of clothes, as well as information about theEco-maintenance to limit the impact on the environment.

Normally, you should no longer have a clothing accident. Not bad is not it ?
App available for free on Android and the App store.

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