15 winter pants at less than 35 euros to be warm without breaking the bank

Goodbye little flowing pants or extra fine denim. This winter, it's time for hot pants. But who says leather, mesh and other noble materials, also says budget. Zoom on winter pants at prices as soft as pilou-pilou.

What material for a winter pants?

To keep you warm this winter, forget your little ones pants mid-season. Often made in fluid fabrics that let the air through, they are not your best allies to brave the cold. Forget also the combo: sticky trouser. Contrary to what one might think, this one does not warm up in any case the legs. The best materials, for a goal 100% softness, are the thick fabrics: the velvet, the tweed, wool, leather or imitation and finally, denim.

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Trendy models to have warm

The material is not the only argument of a perfect winter trousers. The form plays too. And if it is trendy, it's obviously a plus. At first, you can crack for all the pants at the tall, who will take care of covering your little belly. You can also, throw yourself on all tailor's pants - if they are tweed or wool - which are ideal comfort to brave the negative temperatures. Third option? The loose pants (see Palazzo). With its oversized side, it perfectly and correctly surrounds your legs. In addition, it allows you to hide a pair of big socks cocooning. Not bad is not it ?

Good associations with winter pants

To continue on this momentum of softness, here are some fashion gimmicks to adopt with your trousers. First, play the map of the overlay. A shirt with a nice collar under a sweater, a hot body under a message sweatshirtor a T-shirt that you can let go over with a mesh vest, for a falsely neglected trendy look. Finally, do not neglect the accessories. In the program thick socks wool but with a touch of femininity as lurex or glitter and especially, adapted shoes. And yes, leather sneakers, boots and boots, are your best allies.

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