3 tips for renting a luxury bag

You can not afford an iconic Chanel, Dior or Chloé bag? Are you the type to change bags like shirts? Do not panic. There is a solution: the rental of luxury bags on the internet. Zoom on a selection of sites that will allow you, for sure, to find the bag of your dreams.

1) The site Luxury bag

Launched in 2007, the site luxury bag is one of the best in the market. You can go there with your eyes closed. Luxury bag proposes to rent bags designer, as well as jewelry. They are rented for a weekend, a week or even a month. How it works ? It's simple. Just go to the site and create an account. Then choose from a catalog of bags worthy of the most beautiful dressing star. Several rates are proposed: "member" and "non member". To this must be added the price of round-trip delivery and insurance. In addition, the bags are 100% authentic and delivered in 24h / 48h.

The rates

- 3 months: 24 euros, or 8 euros per month
- 6 months: 36 euros, or 6 euros per month
- 12 months: 48 euros, or 4 euros per month

The different models of handbag are classified in 4 categories:

- The "Beginner" collection from 20 €
- The collection "Duchesse" from 40 €
- The "Princess" collection from 60 €
- The "Empress" collection from 80 €

The little more

The site offers gift vouchers. A good idea to offer a rental service to your best friend, your sister or your mother, who will be able to wear the bag of her dreams.

2) The site Instantluxe.com and its corner at BHV:

Instantluxe.com is one of the reference sites for the sale of luxury goods. Today, he adds a little novelty to his services, offering rental. Louis Vuitton, Céline, Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Saint-Laurent or Gucci ... The site offers you to rent these little wonders over a period of 4 days to a month. The rental service is fairly new, so for the moment there are only 25 models of bags and pockets. But they are the best. Indeed, all these it-bags come from the biggest leather goods houses, like the iconic Chanel quilted small bag that we have all dreamed of at least once.

The rates

From 10 euros per day.

The little more

If you are Parisian or passing through the capital, know that the site now has a BHV corner. A good opportunity to discover the bags otherwise than from your computer. Before you go there, do not forget to bring a valid identity card and proof of address. And hop, you leave with a sublime luxury bag.

3) Dressing Avenue website

Avenue Dressing, is a rental site between individuals. The principle is simple: look for your happiness among hundreds of bags from major brands, choose a rental date, a brand and a price. Once the bag of your dreams is found, contact the "lender". Set the different terms and make a booking request. You can rent by meeting the lender or simply receive your bag by post.

The rates

From 15 euros per month.

The little more

We love this human side that allows you to meet the owner of the bag you are going to rent. Between bag lovers, you will necessarily hear you.

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