Jumper: 2 tips to make it comfortable

You know the galley of the itchy sweater and leaves big unpleasant red patches on your skin? Here are 2 simple ways to soften it that should interest you!

A scraping wool can quickly ruin your day and make you angry with your more or less sensitive skin. If the sweater remains a useful express solution on certain days, other models of sweater are much less amenable to the game of superposition ... And there, the choice becomes Cornelian: to be well warm with a sweater itchy or cold. No way to ignore our favorite sweaters of the season to clutter with style. You are told how to make your wool does not scratch and rather than twice to be able to wear skin.

Put your sweater in the freezer

This idea may seem far-fetched, but it's an easy way to soften your wool! The magic lies in the very low temperatures of your freezer that have exactly the same effect on the stitches of your sweater that they have on the pores of the skin: they tighten them, making the wool softer to prevent itching. The big advantage of this technique? This is the trick of women who do not have a minute to lose because it requires little effort and it is terribly effective!

Manual :

- Put your sweater in a freezer bag or a plastic bag.
- Put the bag containing the sweater in your freezer and that's it!
- Arm yourself with a little patience to let the cold act on your mesh for 2 to 3 days.

After that, take your sweater out of the freezer and bag, and wait for it to warm to room temperature before putting it on. You will see, after this little passage in a cold room, your sweater will not give you feelings of discomfort when you report it.

Wash your itchy sweater with glycerin

Another method or to soften the material of your sweater, a small wash with a softening house that will make your clothes (finally) comfortable to wear. Simply add two teaspoons of glycerin or two teaspoons of vinegar to your wash water to clean your sweater by machine or by hand and make it so soft! Glycerin and vinegar will act as softeners that make your sweater more comfortable. Then carry out a second wash on delicate program or a thorough rinsing by hand. Then let it dry flat on a towel and in the open air. And you will not have a sweater that scratches.

Good news, these tips work on all your wool fashion pieces whether it's a scarf or a warm sweater and cocooning. And the next time you knit or shop, think about buying models in softer wools like lambswool lambswool or cashmere. Your skin will appreciate.

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