15 nice collared shirts to wear under a sweater

Leaving the collar of his shirt under his sweater is now a fashionable gesture become timeless. But here, still need to have beautiful shirts and especially, THE model that suits. Tips and shopping right here.

Which sweater to choose?

To wear the combo well: sweater / shirt. It is necessary, at first, to opt for the good sweater. If you have a small chest, do not hesitate to turn to a round neck sweater or fireplace. If, on the contrary, you have a bigger chest, go for a V-neck sweater that will enhance your figure. Finally, for all the breasts, know that the sweater collar slightly oversize, will fit perfectly. And in addition, it is trendy. Regarding the mesh of the sweater, it must be thick so that we do not see the folds of the shirt.

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What shirt under your sweater?

You are lucky, almost all shirts are suitable: patterned, plain, transparent, thin, thick, denim, silk or even, loose, pajamas. How to button it? You can choose to button up, for a hipster trendy side. But beware, if you have a big chin and a little bit, leave it slightly unbuttoned. This will bring a little sexy side.

Trendy collar

At the cutting edge, Italian, American, English or officer, timeless shirt collars are perfect, especially for office attire.
For a girly side, turn to the shirts to Peter's collar or collar plastron. The latter, usually decorated with pearls, sequins and other brilliant details, fly over a sweater.
Want a BCBG style, nothing better than a lavalière shirt or crop collar, great trend of the year. Finally for a shirt with a discreet collar, opt for collar mao or officer. In transparency or slightly gathered, they match perfectly, especially if you wear an original sweater.

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