Kate Middleton, pregnant and sublime in a Miu Miu plaid coat for the holidays

On the occasion of Sandringham's Christmas Mass, which brought together the entire royal family, Kate Middleton opted for a sublime coat with a totally British spirit.

For his first Christmas with the beautiful Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton had chosen a perfect outfit. Indeed, on the occasion of Sandringham's traditional Christmas Mass, in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, with all the royal family, the wife of Prince William had opted for a coat to tiles Scottish. The latter, signed Miu Miu, is totally in the spirit of the holidays but especially in the spirit of the English tradition. This green and red room, raised by gilded buttons, is woven with the iconic tartan motif that the English love so much. Embellished with black velvet details at the collar and sleeves, the latter still has a high price of 2500 euros. To complete this look, the beautiful had opted for a pair of classic but effective black pumps, and a hat in black fur, which is reminiscent of the hats worn by the queen some winter.

In any case, we are completely fan of this coat with English charm.

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