Balenciaga copies a supermarket bag and sells it for 795 euros

Ah, the world of fashion and its mysteries. Would the famous Balenciaga house live on another planet? All leads to believe. Indeed, the latter has just unveiled a new creation: a bag inspired by plastic tote bags sold in supermarkets. Problem. The price of it is more than 700 euros.

After unveiling a bag, inspired by Ikea's famous "Frakta", sold at 1695 euros and platform crocks, Balenciaga continues on its way to the big no matter what. For its men's spring-summer 2018 collection, the brand has unveiled an amazing accessory. A bag, inspired by the design of a plastic bag from a famous German supermarket: Edeka. Shape, design, colors, logo, font ... Everything is similar. Everything except the price. If at home the supermarket version costs only a few cents, the Balenciaga version amounts to 795 euros. Well then yes, the plastic has certainly been replaced by lambskin but this does not explain in any case a price so high. The latter comes from a new collection inspired by eighties, who enjoys surfing kitschy and bad taste parts.

Bad taste is the only thing that comes to mind in front of this bag.

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