How to wear the festive version tuxedo?

Are you tired of the eternal little black dress? Be creative and dare to wear the tuxedo for the holidays. How to adopt this mythical piece modernized by Yves Saint Laurent? What is the mixer? We tell you everything!

Which tuxedo model to choose?

1) A basic tuxedo:

To take no chances, nothing beats the iconic black tuxedo. With him, fashion faux-pas is impossible. Opt for a slightly arched model at the level of the jacket, combined with trousers with clips that will highlight your legs, whatever your morphology. Side details, do not hesitate to crack for a model twisted with an iridescent border on the side of the pants, which will make this basic piece a little more original.

2) An original tuxedo:

If you want to change the black tuxedo, opt for some more original pieces like a colorful set: red, midnight blue, Emerald green or burgundy. Another idea? Fall for a patterned tuxedo like brocade or small ones tiles. Finally, do not hesitate to turn to an iridescent or glittery model, to be the queen of the party.

3) A mismatched tuxedo:

If you are a real fashionista, nothing better than mismatch your tuxedo by mixing a jacket and different pants. On the program: a resolutely trendy and modern look. The most beautiful of the table, it's you!

How to wear it?

1) Sexy version:

Nothing better than wearing the tuxedo on your skin. For this, choose a dark and curved model. Leave it buttoned so as to make you guess your skin and your cleavage. You can also take the opportunity to show off your lingerie party, revealing a little lace of your bra or your bralette. Side accessories, a pair of shoes will do just fine. All raised by an elegant colorful evening bag to boost the entire look.

2) Boyish version:

The boyish trend is a real timeless. Mix your tuxedo with a beautiful shirt in white, black silk, or a transparent blouse. And feet? A pair of derbies! A resolutely chic and elegant look.

3) Girly version:

Finally, for all those who do not resist their little side girly, know that this is not inseparable from the tuxedo. Under your jacket, opt for a glitter top or body. At the feet, a pair of iridescent boots or babies and a pretty colorful pouch. And now, voila.

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