What lingerie to avoid marks under clothing? The answer of our lingerie expert in video

The seams of a panty that are seen a little too much, the straps of a bra that exceed ... Discover the advice of our video expert to avoid underwear lingerie brands.

The right tip for not wearing a bra

If you have opted for a camisole or bent top in which the traces of bra are too flashy, do not hesitate to point you towards the pasties. With them, you are sure to be comfortable and able to wear whatever you want. In addition, according to our expert, it gives you a wild and natural effect, and that, we say yes!

Good lingerie that does not leave a mark

Want to wear a dress light, curved or simply a very low neckline? The must of the must, it is obviously the bandeau. You can choose it with removable straps to wear it in all situations. Be careful, however, to take it well fitting if you ever have a generous breast or Push-up if it is, on the contrary, small. The other piece you can count on is the combination. The latter allows you to wear a fitted dress without your underwear guessing. Finally, do not hesitate to crack for the carioca style bras that adopt delicate cuts and very thin straps.

The lingerie tips

The best trick remains the most obvious, namely: the lingerie invisible. The latter is usually made of a soft, smooth, thin fabric that adheres to the skin and disappears under clothing. As for seams, they are made by laser. Invisible lingerie is a very good investment because with it, you are sure not to take the lead by donning your outfit.

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