15 cocooning outfits to stay at home

Winter, the cold, the night and Christmas soon: so many reasons to want to stay under the duvet or lying on the couch! How to stay stylish while hanging out at home? Discover our solutions.

Put your nose out today? Out of the question. Rain, cold or tired, no need to look for an excuse to stay home ... but no question either to let go "stylistically" speaking under the pretext that no one can see you.
Give up once and for all faded t-shirts, felted sweatshirts and relaxed underpants: hanging out at home with style, it's an art and you're told how!
Discover our selection 100% fashion cocooning right away.

1: Fleece and fleece
It's the coolest and most wintery material. The one usually reserved for mountain holidays for après ski outfits. Admit it: what's forbidding you to wear fleece and fleece joggers all the rest of the year? Not us in any case !
2 : Velvet
It's the trendiest and most chic material, tinged with a little air seventies which is not displeasing to us. The touch velvet has a small side "blanket" perfect for cocooning days.
3: Cashmere
This is the most luxurious version of cocooning. Whether it's a cape, a sweater, a vest or underpants, the cashmere wool brings softness and warmth while remaining chic and understated.

1: The underpants
This is the basis, the B.A-BA of cocooning! But for the cocooning does not turn to the "no look" ", we say stop in shapeless and relaxed shorts and we now opt for a model all black that can mix with our entire wardrobe.If we are part of the family big chills, we avoid the cotton model and we invest in underpants fabric specially designed to retain the heat.Also: the opaque leggings and velvety inside.
2: The hoody
Otherwise called hoodie. It's not just the prerogative of young people and rappers. Try it: you could soon become addicted to its wraparound hood, which adds to the cocooning sensation. The best ? A model with a large pocket on the front to slip your hands!
3 : The combination
With her, it is the comfort above all, especially if you chose it in a soft matter. Okay, it's not the most convenient piece to wear but it's still one of the coolest.
After 20 years, you are advised against the unicorn model (or other avatars of the same kind). Nothing is better than the simplicity of a united model.
4 : The sweater dress
It's the most glamorous and cozy option. We have in mind images of Marilyn Monroe in "The Billionaire", the film by George Cukor, where the actress seduced Yves Montand simply dressed in a long sweater worn in twisted dress.
5: The jogging bottoms
Fleece material, elasticated waist and side pockets: in terms of comfortable pants, hard to compete with him. Just be careful not to pick a model too wide and mix it with a top a little more chic than a simple sweatshirt.
6 : The mom jeans
If you want to stay in jeans without having to sacrifice comfort, this is the form to adopt illico. Its high waist and relaxed fit make it the perfect ally for days at home. To make it even more cool, do not hesitate to wear it rolled with a pair of large woolen socks stitched with a lurex thread.
7: The big shirt
Shirt or tunic, the important thing is that it falls to mid-thighs. The simplest is still poking the shirt of his boyfriend, for a falsely sexy effect / neglected! You see Jean Seberg in Godard's film "A bout de Souffle", his shirt worn just buttoned and large collar raised on his naked body? This is the idea.
8: The doudou vest
He is the one that is put on jumping out of bed to cover his too short T-shirt or his body. He keeps warm while remaining feminine. Good too: the poncho.
9: The stuffed slippers
Yes, we grant you: slippers are not the most glamorous thing. But, admit, that they are formidable effective and that once we tried them, impossible to go back! According to a study by the French Shoe Federation, slippers would be for 76% of French an anti-stress accessory.
10: Big socks way down grandmother
They are released if, and only if, we absolutely want to hang out in a nightie! Another option: the gaiters, which will add a little dancer side to your cocooning look.

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