Missguided celebrates the rounds of all horizons

Stop retouching and standards of modeling for the ready-to-wear brand. A small step for the pub, a big step for the world of fashion!

Nice surprise for women who have real voluptuous shapes, some brands of ready-to-wear finally take the step to represent them. This is particularly the case of Missguided with her latest advertising campaign called #Makeyourmark which features women of all origins, far from the standards of size mannequin with their morphologies and styles of their own!

No more touch-ups to camouflage little round belly, clothes to hide complex hips or big calves. The affordable British ready-to-wear brand that has already said no to Photoshop since last November by stopping the removal of stretch marks from its models is now one step closer to self-acceptance with its uninhibited campaign. A positive body campaign that proudly displays cellulite, stretch marks and other small imperfections to allow us to better recognize ourselves in the silhouettes of the models. A new way to celebrate the female body without discriminating!

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