How to wear the corset during the holidays? The answer of our lingerie expert in video

The holidays is a good opportunity to have fun with lingerie. So why not take the opportunity to wear a corset and even garter belts? We tell you everything to mix these key pieces with subtlety and originality, thanks to the advice of our expert in lingerie.

How to wear the corset?

Wear his lingerie like a garment rather than a simple underwear, it's a big trend. Let's start with the corset. Terribly sexy, this piece can easily be taken to the 1st degree. To give it a second wind, a good blow of fun and especially, to allow you to wear it during the day, as at night, adopt the corset over an oversize white shirt as if it were a belt. A simple and stylish way to give it a new life. You can also wear it over an elegant white tee shirt or black - slightly long - to structure your silhouette with glamor. You will be the sexiest of the table.

The total-look corset and garter belt is possible?

Who says corset, also said garter belt. It's obvious, these two iconic pieces of the lingerie go together. And the combo is terribly sexy. According to our fashion expert, we must take the example of teenagers who adopt the garter belt as a belt by mixing it with jeans. The denim pants have the advantage of being ultra modern and above all, to calm the game so that you do not look out of a cabaret or a naughty evening with your other half. A funny and original trend that allows everyone to adopt the garter belt version no head.

And accessories?

The game of accessories will give a different style to your outfit. If you wear the corset / waister combo, opt for a pair of flat shoes. Derbies will, for example, perfectly match the case by giving your look a little boyish side that matches perfectly with the rest of your sexy outfit. Finally, if you wear the corset or garter belt version a little more sober, do not hesitate to take a little height on a pair of black pumps, varnished or iridescent.

So you will dare to wear the corset?

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