How to make a party outfit with her wardrobe? The answer of our fashion expert in video

No time to go shopping or just not the budget to find you a pretty evening outfit? Fortunately, our expert Caroline Robert Pimenta, director of the Naf Naf collections, gives us her tips for giving a party look to any look.

A little black classic dress that will be worn during the day and pimpered in the evening, a casual outfit for New Year's Eve that twists fashion details well chosen, a look concocted with clothes unearthed in the closet: when the outfit parties is created on D-Day with the wardrobe that is already available, we sometimes find that it lacks a little more festive ... .A mission in the strings of our designer who reassures us: "This is easy !". And our expert is formal, only one watchword: accessorize!

Please select your jewelry

Sometimes just a little to give style to your look! As emphasized by our fashion expert, opt for a necklace a little more rhinestones than usual or outright an imposing necklace to dress a neckline or just a high collar that would be a little too serious without this beautiful gem. Dare also big metal cuffs that boost your look in the blink of an eye.
Finally, another option a little more fun: pins and pines that upgraduate any room.

Take out your best shoes

It is the accessorization that has answer to any test! Our expert advises you without surprise shoes that are ultra feminine and will certainly have a small effect if you are flat ballerinas the rest of the day for example. For the evening of the eve, go on shoes and voila! Dare then models all more original than the other like sequined pumps. They will be perfect for bringing that little extra pace that you missed so much.
And if you have sore feet in heels, do not hesitate to decline the glitter in flat shoes like derbies, moccasins and why not sneakers! Discover also our evening shoes with 30 models guns to put on for Christmas Eve!

Video: TIMELESS VS TRENDY STYLE What YOU Need to Know! (November 2019).


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