Wear the brilliant without false notes after 50 years

How to get on his thirty-one while remaining sober and elegant? Manual.

The idea of ​​a party outfit is not to look like a Christmas tree. Instead, stay on your own, adding bright, festive details to your outfits. After all, at this time it's the perfect opportunity to dare the bling bling that will make all the difference. But first of all your outfit should be: comfortable, chic and in keeping with your style.

I recycle my basics

With a tight budget at the end of the year, not always easy to afford the last room for the holidays. Customize the basics of your wardrobe, taking out your little black dress that accompanies you throughout the year. Give it a festive look by adding a feathered scarf, a long rhinestone necklace, or shiny pins to put on the neckline. Add a silky clutch and glittering sandals and you're done. For those who prefer pants, recycle yours as well as your favorite plain blouse, stick it with rhinestone patches that are in vogue this season and wear golden jewelery. No need to spend a lot of money to shine during the holidays!

I buy a new outfit

Nevertheless, we may want to have fun by offering the beautiful piece that shines because after all it's not every day Christmas! Go ahead with your eyes closed on the outfits without false notes: the famous little black dress, the tuxedo male / feminine always elegant and sexy, the jacket or the skirt with sequins or the dress with sequins, the combination trousers ... With you to choose! Another possibility, kill two birds with one stone by buying a nice novelty that will become a hit in your wardrobe. The solution is to crack for a basic chic that you put in the style of the day at the holidays and that you mix daily, as the seasons go by. This is the case of the tweed jacket that you can wear with jeans every day or a leather skirt, or the combination of solid color pants ... With a little imagination these clothes chameleons will adapt to all seasons and all styles.

Side accessories, forget the jewelry too big on satined or brilliant outfits. Rely on a beautiful wallet, a cuff, a head jewelry, shiny pumps, a fake fur collar, pins or a rhinestone belt. They are the ones who will give the festive spirit to your outfits. Happy Holidays !

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