What outfit for a casual Christmas? The answer of our fashion expert in video

You do not want to make tons to dress for the holiday season? Caroline Robert Pimenta, director of the Naf Naf collections, gives us her advice to give a festive look to a cool outfit for Christmas Eve!

For our designer, a holiday look is not necessarily a little black dress or another ultra sophisticated outfit. And besides, it shows us how to make of our trendy look of the daily a real gown of Eve in some tricks fashion well thought out. Cape on your Christmas look with this other way to put yourself on your 31!

A well chosen denim

Yes, our expert is formal, you can quite swap skirt and dress for jeans if the heart tells you. But not just any jeans says our collections director at Naf Naf! To be in the theme without taking the lead, bet on models with pretty embroidery or glitter some sequins to boost its look.

An elegant blouse

To display a beautiful femininity in fancy jeans, nothing better than a pretty elegant blouse. Our expert advises us to choose it, too, fantasy, with small patterns that twister the model or an original print. A simple way to put this basic of our dressing room at the holiday season. Cap also on gold, silver or metallic drawings that will be stack of circumstance!

A mesh twisted by the accessory

To warm up this wintry winter look, also dare a big cocooning vest! Provided of course to bring him a little more to him too. Opt for a model with jewelry buttons for example, a rhinestone brooch that enhances the mesh or a game of pins to hang here and there to make it more fun. This is the unstoppable tip for dressing hot with classy!

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