15 long coats at a low price to keep you warm without breaking the bank

The trend of long coats could not escape you. They are ubiquitous! Zoom on stylish models to less than 60 euros to be warm without breaking the bank.

The three trend models of the year

1) The coat way bathrobe:

This year, the bathrobe coat is everywhere. Oversize, long and belted at the waist, it has everything to please because it combines comfort and elegance. Thanks to its belt, it structures the silhouette. It is therefore ideal for generous morphologies or women who have large hips. For a casual style, do not hesitate to surround it at the back for a resolutely stylish look.

2) The plaid coat:

You could not miss out on tiles. This year, they are everywhere and decline to infinity: hound, Prince of Wales, Scottish, tartan ... In short, nothing surprising to find them on the long coats. If you fall for this type of room, you are sure to have everything good in fashion. To adopt, opt for sober clothes to calm the game.

3) The faux fur coat:

Already present last year, the fake fur this year, invaded all the aisles of the stores. Accessible and respectful of animal welfare, the latter is all good. In addition, it is so comfortable that it gives the impression of never being out of bed (plus chic). To be in the trend, opt for a mid-length and oversize model. In terms of colors, look for sober shades: midnight blue, black, camel, beige, brown, emerald green. However, if you are a true fashionista, do not hesitate to crack for more original models available in pastel version. We love lilac, sky blue or pink cotton candy.

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With what to wear the long coat?

1) If you are small:

Already, rest assured, even if you are small, you can wear the long coat. Just associate it with the right parts. With this type of coat, the important thing is to structure your silhouette. For this, opt for a skirt or shorts with opaque tights that will lengthen your legs. If you're more comfortable in pants, go for a version tall or then 7 / 8th. Finally, do not forget the essential accessory: shoes. To you boots with heels or the pumps that make you take a little height.

2) If you are tall:

A very long coat will tend to lengthen your silhouette even more, to the point of sometimes giving you an androgynous look. To structure everything, opt for fluid parts to create volumes, like tailor's pants mixed with a slightly oversize pullover. Below, do not hesitate to play the card of relaxation with a pair of sneakers. And yes, between us, your legs do not really need a pair of heels 10 cm.

Ready to do the beautiful coat?

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