Fashion Alert - Kate Middleton is stolen by another woman from the royal family

The Duchess of Cambridge would no longer be the queen of the inveterate style of the royal family according to the latest ranking ...

We thought Kate Middleton unmatched in the hearts of fashionistas but it was not counting the ranking of the search engine Lyst has just unveiled the list of the 10 most influential personalities in terms of fashion in 2017.
Bad news for the Duchess of Cambridge who, currently pregnant with her third child, do not forget to pay attention to her look: another woman of the royal family has just overshadowed her global research.
At the top of this Lyst ranking are singer Rihanna and star Selena Gomez and model Bella Hadid, who share the first three steps of the podium. Kate Middleton's style rival appears just behind in fourth position and this last is none other than Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle !

The former actress of Suits would be (already) more influential than her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, who is still close to the rankings with a little fifth place well deserved. This small difference in popularity between the two fashionistas will it widen in 2018? Between the wedding of Meghan Markle that will take place next spring and the third baby royal that should point the tip of the nose in the same time, the two beautiful sisters will she succeed in sharing the front of the fashion scene? For the moment, everything is going well for the best of the worlds crowned, it remains only to hope that it lasts for a long time and that they end the one and the other married and with many children without any sartorial quarrel!

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