Video - 3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Holiday Accessories

Evening bag, pumps and belt: put your accomplices of style at the time of the festivities in some very simple gestures. Promised, you do not even need to be manual to achieve these custos express!

Side dressing you are rather classic and your accessories are mostly basic practical. But now, for the holidays we want a little fantasy to boost its look but we do not always want to buy a room just for the event ... The solution? The custo!
So take a simple accessory or a must that you are sure to have on hand and give it a personal touch or trend and you're done!

Do not panic, we give you ideas and we show you how to do step by step and in a few minutes' time thanks to our three special holiday accessories.

Our choice fell on : - a little black evening bag that goes with everything
- a pair of must-have black pumps
- a practical belt to boost your figure

Customize your handbag or evening bag with fun and festive patches

What you need : - your bag
- patches that look like you and / or echo the holidays
- textile glue

Our custo: We chose a small evening bag with gold chain simple but elegant to pimper our taste. Side patches, we put on the spirit Christmas with a star pattern and we show our beauty addicte side with a badge of lipstick. Finally, we add a note of gold that matches the chain link of our mini handbag.

Manual :
1 - After preparing your bag and supplies on a table, do some tests to position your patches on your accessory without sticking them. This allows you to choose the location of each to achieve the most beautiful model it is. Once you are sure of the pace you are going to give to your bag, go!
2 - Apply glue on the back of the first patch, making sure to put it everywhere. Be careful to put all over the surface without overflowing so as not to dirty your bag with a surplus of glue at the time of installation.
3 - Place your patch on your bag at the dedicated place then gently press with your fingers for a few seconds to get the glue.
4 - Repeat the same gestures for each of the crests, being careful not to touch the ones you have just put in place.
5 - Allow the time indicated on the packaging of your glue to dry.
All you have to do is wear your bag to give style to your party attire!

Customize your shoes or shoes with glamorous rhinestones

What you need : - your shoes
- rhinestones of one or more colors
- textile glue

Our custo: We chose to give style to the most indispensable pair of shoes on these festive evenings: the black pumps. We have selected trotter heels so that they are wide enough to allow us twister them way jewel to give them an irresistible look. In addition, they will be very comfortable!

Manual :
1 - Prepare shoes, rhinestones and glue on a work plan
2 - Think about the pattern or graphic that you want to create. Once decided, place to practice!
3 - Put a point of glue on a rhinestone and apply it on the heel of the shoe according to your desire.
4 - Continue applying the rhinestones one by one delicately.
5 - Once your fancy heel is finished, let it dry without touching.
It's up to you to don your decorated shoes to go dancing!

Customize your belt to give it a festive look to paint

What you need : - your belt
- a spray of gold or silver paint

Our custo: We chose to boost a model as simple as possible to show you this magic trick of custo ... We opted for a golden spray paint that matches with the existing gold buckle of the belt to have a nice harmony!

Manual :
1 - Protect the work plan on which you will realize this customization not to dirty it.
2 - Spread your belt all the way down.
3 - Spray the paint belt generously to about fifteen centimeters by making wide movements over the entire length to distribute the walleye correctly without leaving any traces.
4 - Let dry well for several hours to a night as indicated on the packaging of your spray paint.
It's up to you to put it on all the looks you want!

Our addresses to find all the material necessary for the personalization of your accessories:
- Creavea
- Raw material
- Toto

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