International Christmas Sweater Day: 15 kitsch models to play it Bridget Jones

The snow is already falling and the holidays are fast approaching. And if we had a little taste? That's good, December 16th is International Christmas Sweater Day. Let's go out the most kitschy room in your dressing room and if you have not yet found the rare pearl, zoom in on a selection that will make you want to sing: "When will I see you? Wonderful country".

Little story of the Christmas sweater

The tradition of sweater "ugly" or Christmas sweater, is today, become ultra trend. Each year, this phenomenon takes hold a little more in France, where we celebrate the International Christmas Sweater Day at the office, in the evening or at home with friends (e-) s. Last November, a festival is even organized in Albi. The event brought together more than 600 participants, all dressed in their best ugly pullovers. However, in the beginning this piece was not trendy since the tradition comes from England where it was common, even obligatory, to offer, as a family, knitted sweaters with the effigy of the holidays.
Later, in the 80s, these knits are making their comeback. They are manufactured in the factory, in series, based on motives all more kitsch than each other, and still scratch as much. In the 2000s, several major cities, in the United States or Canada, set up days in honor of these sweaters. But it is mainly thanks to a famous film heroine that he gets his share of worship. You'll recognize it, it's Bridget Jones. Impossible to forget this scene where the thirty meets Marc Darcy, dressed in a reindeer head sweater of very (very) good taste. Good, good news, even with this horribly ugly knit, love still triumphed.

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Christmas sweater version 2017

You understand, the Christmas sweater is ultra trendy. If you want to spend a stylish December, you obviously have to rely on him. The more kitschy, colorful and completely WTF, the better. But as all tastes are in nature, here are all the possible options to adopt the Christmas sweater. Oh yes, nothing more !

1) The classic Christmas sweater:

For all those who would not dare to wear the Christmas sweater kitsch version, do not panic: there are models much more go-anywhere. You can adopt the trend by splurge for a room with sober colors - black, white, gray, camel - simply adorned with jacquard patterns. Second option: a sweater with discrete patterns, placed, for example, at the sleeves, collar or chest.

2) Christmas sweater in girly version:

And yes, the Christmas sweater this year takes a girly look. There are actually many models in pink tones. A good opportunity to let go and wear candy pink or fuchsia. This season, we also note, an invasion of flakes, sequins and faux fur on Christmas sweaters. So, you can crack for a knit with a silver snowman, a green glitter tree or so, the pinnacle of minionage: a little bright penguin.

3) The kitschy Christmas sweater:

Most definitely the must-have for Christmas sweaters. The program of fun, colors and above all, kitsch to excess. A key word: dare the colors! To you, red, blue, fir green, yellow and pink. To you the fun and funny jacquard patterns, the inscriptions, the messages and the vintage prints straight from the film The Bronzés ski. We love it!

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