How to dress when you have big calves? Your questions, our answers!

The size and shape of your calves have always complicated you? No need to spend your life tucked behind extra-wide pants when fashion can help you take them on.

How many times have you ever given up on a purchase just because you do not know the size or shape of your calves? Too often ?
Stop immediately to hide in fluid pants and extra long skirts and learn how to overcome your complex by exploiting the infinite possibilities of fashion.

Side pants, nothing better than a pretty model high waist, very slightly "flare " with a hem that falls on the shoe: with him, impossible to guess that your calves cause you a big complex. Especially if you enhance it with a nice pair of heels.
Side skirt, if you do not want to take 10 years of a single shot, give up once for the entire mid-calf length that "sausages" the leg. Ditto with the pencil skirt, which, in tightening, just pointed the size of your calves or their aspect too "post". Convert right away to knee length. If you like, try pleated or flared models that will come to twirl and dance the whole silhouette.
The rule to remember in all cases? Avoid the length that falls at the strongest point of your leg - and in your case, your calf.

The most flattering is the straight model, raw and without any frills. If you want to adopt the latest fashion trends, you can also afford the jeans mom and the boyfriend. They will both "flutter" your calves while sublimating your figure. Especially if you are lucky to have thin ankles and you take care to show them by rolling the bottom of your jeans.
Do not forbid the slim either: yes, it sticks a little too much to the skin, but covered with a pair of large boots or a pair of wide boots dripping on the ankle (visual trick that minimizes the roundness of the calf), it can also be canon. Our advice? Do a lot of tests to find the right one mix and match.

Rest assured: no! If wearing court is titillating, go for it. Provided to avoid all forms that stick too much to the body. So it's not skirt shorts and stretch shorts.
Your ally, it's the trapeze cut slightly sixties: its flared shape will rebalance the size of your calves, as if by magic. Small flat anyway if your thighs are they too thick. There, we no longer guarantee the result ...
Finally, if you dare to court, do not stay flat: the heels will "lengthen" the calf and the effect will be much more beautiful.

Boots is the number one enemy of the big calves. Which of you has never given up on a great pair of riders because she could not zip up?
To work around the problem, you can use brands and sites (such as Balsamik) that offer models in different widths of calves. Otherwise, fall back on the boots. The looser and wider they are, the calmer your calves will look.
The basis of everything is to avoid anything that cuts the ankle and all that squeezes too much. It is therefore niet to high sneakers and low boots that stop just at the birth of the calf.

If your calves are strong and your ankles thick, avoid at all costs the stiletto heels: their fineness would only emphasize the thickness of your calves.
The most efficient ? A fairly square heel 5 to 7 centimeters high that enhances without breaking completely the harmony of the leg. Well also: the compensated models.

It's Christmas soon and you're already fantasizing about a pair of glittery tights? Forget right now. Like thin and clear tights that shine more than others, lurex and glitter are not recommended. On the legs, they look like a magnifying glass. If you still want fantasy, allow yourself some bright and dark colors, but give up printed models and openwork lace that would only weigh down your legs.
The best if in doubt is to hide behind the simplicity of an opaque and black tights. They alone will really lift your legs, and your calves with. The advantage to this lack of choice? They go with everything!

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