How to twister his little black dress for the holidays? All our fashion tips in video!

Our fashion mission just a few days from Christmas Eve and January 1st? Help you twister your basic holiday look. Let's go, we take the challenge with 3 classic versions of the little black dress that we pimper each in its own way.

It is everywhere as the essential wardrobe and the perfect solution for all parties. The little black dress is certainly a pledge of elegance with its matte look but it is not always easy to give him style to bring him this little extra thing that makes it festive at will ...
To show you how to do without emptying your entire wardrobe, we have selected three little black dresses that we have almost all in our closet (or at least one of them!) To adapt this fetish model holiday evenings to all your opportunities without it lacking pace.

Let's first stage our three little black dresses: one is semi-sexy mid-preppy lace, the other straight and no neckline is rather a simple day dress, the last is a model of evening molding with an advantageous neckline. What satisfy all tastes. Now, room for accessorization!

The little black lace dress: we stay chic but not boring

His strengths: she has this very chic side that fits perfectly in the evening look and can even play sexy.
His weak points: but it can easily take a girly look a little boring for some, downright infantilizing for others.

What accessories to twister her black lace dress? We put everything on an imposing necklace bohemian chic style that breaks the classic look of the dress and dresses the neckline. Here, we chose a beautiful piece rhinestones with multicolored facets to enhance the black of the dress cheerfulness. With this strong piece, we remain sober on the rest of the accessories but it is necessary all the same that each brings a little more to the outfit. So we echo the metal fetish of the necklace with a mini black evening bag with metal chain. For shoes, we ride on pumps to feminize lace a bit "little girl" and shaping the leg. Here, we dared the knot detail at the back of the model to have fun a little by making believe from back that we played the classic card and preppy 100% while from the front, we twists thoroughly our model in perfect modeuse!

The little black dress straight and without cleavage: towards a look not that wise ...

His strengths: it is all-purpose and flatters all morphologies if it is the right size. It allows us to adopt all styles!
His weak points: she can be too sad for parties and worn alone, she lacks personality.

What accessories to twister her black dress straight and without cleavage? Our practical model for the office is a little less to be glamorous. Never mind, we take the party to play ultra fun and modern. His high collar is a little too serious to party, so it boosts a fake collar festive sequins no doubt. We expect to see it on classic pumps, so we wear silver moccasins that boost the look and brings a note of freshness and lightness (not to mention the comfort!). We dare all in color as in effect from gloss to matte as we do here. And to perfect it all, we give an almost sporty look to our evening bag with a model in the same color as the shoes. The little thing more? We do not accuse with a single color, we opt for a fancy collar of a different color and for a pair of shoes / bag matched!

The little evening dress tight and low-cut: we look away to assume the glamorous look

His strengths: she is really glamorous and easy going in the evening.
His weak points: tight and décolleté, we risk quickly to "too sexy" without even wanting.

What accessories to twister her black dress tight and décolletée? We break the glamorous side of the model with a nice graphic cuff lightness that shows that we know fashion well. This well-chosen jewel worn on the wrist diverts the attention of the neckline to unsettle the air of nothing and dramatizes the second skin effect of the dress by bringing a small touch very modern and couture. On the other hand, one assumes its ultra feminine look by dressing foot and ankle with metallic sandals. They invigorate the silhouette to enhance us but do not have the femme fatale look of pointy pumps. Result, they offer a sexy elegance without overloading the look. Finally, we dare a small ultra trendy bag as the mini bag. To choose it we take all his time. Here, we opted for a beautiful glitter and rhinestone jewel bag that echoes the little rhinestones already present on our dress. Its flashy look is perfect for, again, catching the eye on the accessory rather than the sexy details of the little black dress but also bring a true style to our final look. Opt for a pocket or clutch that looks like you to perfect your style!

Here you are ready to make all your little black dresses irresistible for the holidays!

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