How to dress for Christmas 2017? The advice of our fashion expert in video

Caroline Robert Pimenta, director of the Naf Naf collections, gives us her tips for finding the ideal party attire for the occasion!

For our designer, the festivities of the end of the year are the moment privileged mode to please you and especially to dare all the fantasies: from the fairy dress to the casual dress through a look wise, mat or realized in express, creating a tailor made party outfit is a breeze. Find out which party look is perfect for you according to your way of celebrating New Year's Eve ...

Color codes trend to follow in this Christmas 2017

It's a good time to forget the elegance of black time for a party because the answer of our expert is straightforward: Christmas 2017 will be a Christmas Whitebut also ecru and off-white. A palette of very soft hues that it is recommended to enhance with a subtle touch of gold, all lightness. Put away the little black dress in the cupboard to dare the little white dress in precious brocade!

At each event its proper attire

A great dinner chic
Celebrate the event by daring the magic of a tulle princess dress, a long dress embroidered with stars or any other fantasy that you would not have the opportunity to wear otherwise. Enjoy it to please you with an exceptional dress!

A small dinner with surprise guests
In this case however, our expert is formal: choose without hesitation the little black dress! The idea is to have a model with a nice detail like beautiful sleeves, a bare back or an elegant knot. Then, place accessorization with a necklace and pumps to make you a perfect outfit easily. Or, put on a pretty embroidered jacket, convenient to fit the evening once you meet everyone. If you feel too dressed, you just have to take off your jacket!

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A relaxed Christmas with friends in the mountains
Dare jeans to the cool, but not just any! Opt for a festive pattern embroidered or repacked, why not with beads to surf the trend or scattered rhinestones, only on the top of the denim or pockets, or down the legs of the jeans to give a festive look to this basic. Mix it with a pretty fancy blouse and why not printed. Do not hesitate to break your chic look with a big vest perfect for the mountain that you choose then with jewelry buttons or you add a pin or pins to give it the look.

A Christmas at beautiful mom
The right dress is perfect for the occasion, choose it possibly in a pretty print and then boost your model with an elegant accessory like a trendy and feminine corset belt that draws you a pretty silhouette in the blink of an eye. "Otherwise you can also put a big wrapping vest"Says our expert. A boon for the chilly. Feel free to wear flat shoes, "it's fresh and perfect with a short dress"according to our fashion expert.

A Christmas at home, how to be beautiful and comfortable to receive?
Turn to a jumpsuit worn with opaque tights. Choose it with a pretty lace detail or transparency. It is easy to wear with sneakers, loafers or any other comfortable shoes to be able to run between the kitchen and the reception table throughout the evening and do the service without false note. Another advantage is that you can easily trade your handy shoes for a pair of heels if you decide to extend the party to dance after dinner!

A last minute invitation
The idea is to make a nice party outfit with your express. The answer of our expert is straightforward: "You have to accessorize". Whatever your look, consider adding a small rhinestone necklace or a big necklace a little more imposing to dress your neckline very simple or dare the pins and pins that upgraduate any room. Finally, just go on shoes with heels that curve the leg and give you a look. Dare then the original models like the glitter pumps!
Looking for a perfect pair of pumps, boots or even sneakers for the holidays? Find our selection of party shoes guns to accessorize your outfit!

The original idea: recycle your wedding dress in party attire

If your white dress is tulle, "do not hesitate to give a scissors"Says our expert. The tulle does not need a hem, dare to shorten it on the front or on the whole model to make you a short dress in seconds, it will help you to divert your white dress.
In any case, surf on the wave of the white and golden Christmas to mix your wedding dress with golden accessories to be in the trend!
You can also twister your white dress with touches of black: opaque tights, lace or necklace to wear around the neck, belt ... to you to see.
Finally, mix it, too, to a big mesh. The combination of precious lace and generous knit will allow you to divert your wedding dress easily.

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