Brigitte Macron, sexy chic in leather pants and scratched coat

Louis Vuitton coat, almost skinny pants and oiled boots: to welcome the guests of the "One Planet Summit", the First Lady does not forbid anything and proves that it suits him rather well!

You're told leather-tight pants and waxed boots and you're already thinking about Catwoman and to Matrix? Lost ! This bold and rather sexy look is the one that Brigitte Macron dared yesterday to welcome the 164 guests of a lunch at the Elysee Palace as part of the climate summit " One Planet Summit ".
Under a brown epaulette coat - once again signed Louis Vuitton, again edged with gold buttons - and neck wrapped in a black scarf, one could guess his tapered legs in leather-like trousers jeggings which stuck to his skin. At his feet, we could not miss a pair of polished black boots, glossy wish.
Once the coat fell, new surprise: rather than playing with the volumes (we would have seen a big fluffy sweater), Brigitte Macron had chosen to accentuate this already sexy look by bending the black jacket she wore below with a belt with big apparent buckle. Added to a white shirt flawless and buttoned up collar, Brigitte Macron proves that we can play with the codes of fashion, without having to worry about the protocol or its age!

Whether we like - or not - this new look, we must recognize that Brigitte Macron ensures dressing room and it is becoming more and more like a stylish First Lady!

Photo credits: Liewing Christian / ABACA

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