Trendy round bag: models that make us crack!

Small, round and cute: it's the new darling of handbags. Zoom on the 15 most current models from € 9.99.

You already have enough bucket bag models, you've got tired of the wallet and you're not foolhardy enough to risk the banana bag? We have the solution to bring a little fantasy to your daily life: adopt a mini round bag.
From the fashionista's arms to the storefronts of the department stores: it is everywhere at the moment. For the holiday season, he is off to eclipse the minaudières and match the pockets. In short, it's the it bag of this end of the year!

> Zoom on our selection of 15 round bags that throw it!

Because it's fun! On its own, its round shape brings a touch of fantasy to your look of the day. Add a pair of cat ears or pop colors and you'll find something to entertain everyone on your way!

Because he has a retro side. In the 1960s, Courrèges was already marketing ... and, we checked, half a century later, the bag is still part of its collections and its must-have!

Because he is versatile. Supple and slouchy, it's the perfect partner for a cool look in jeans and sneakers; in stiff leather, he goes to the office with high heels. In short, its roundness adapts to all our desires and all our styles!

Because it's chic. What did the people wear at the last Vuitton Cruise Show? A round bag in the shape of a hat box, stamped with the famous monogram of the trunk maker. Price of the thing: 3,300 euros anyway!

Because there are all the prices! Courrèges then Vuitton: you already say that it is too much for you and inaccessible? Rest assured, the leather goods and the signs have preceded the trend and already offer plenty of round models at more than reasonable prices.

So, for the 31st, which clan will you belong to: team bag rond or team pochette?

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