Office outfits: 15 trend ideas for this winter

Your mission, if you accept it: go to work with the ideal outfit. But here, between the too sexy, too serious or not enough class, it is not so obvious. Zoom on the pieces and outfits to adopt to make a faultless fashion that will impress all your colleagues in the open space.

How to choose your dress for the office?

Go to work in dress, It's a good idea. Why ? Quite simply, because it's a feminine, chic and elegant piece. In addition, with a dress, you no longer need to waste precious minutes in the morning in front of your dressing room to choose your outfit. But beware, not all dresses are suitable for the office. Leave aside too tight and too short models in which you will not necessarily be free of your movements. Instead, choose cuts and flowing materials, where you can run to catch the subway or between your many meetings. Finally, another option: shirt dresses which combine comfort and elegance.

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What pants to go to work?

Back in force this year, the pants of tailor has more than ever a place in the office. Ultra trendy, it is more than a simple element of the dressing of the working girl, it is also, and above all, a real fashion piece. You can choose to wear it in total look with the jacket. In this case, opt for an original set both in terms of cut and color. If, on the contrary, you want to wear the pants in a mismatched version, opt for a model to tiles very trendy, with black clip or with colored bands on the side for a sporty-chic look. Jeans, they are not in any way to proscribe. And yes, this timeless dressing is worn in the office in raw version or then waist-high and straight cut, for a small vintage dose. On the other hand, the faded and overly destroyed models are to be left out.

What perfect skirt for an office attire?

A skirt at work is a real good plan. And yes, it is suitable both for the day but also for the evening. To go to the office, leave aside the casual skirts in the spirit of holidays, like micro-skirts or skirts with ruffles. In terms of shapes, many models are available to you: the elegant pencil skirt that gives a working-girl look, the right skirt above the knees that allows you to be sexy without doing too much or again, the midi skirt pleated that brings a modern and trendy side.

How to twister a serious office outfit?

Do not panic. It is not because these outfits are recommended that everything else is forbidden. The must must is to twister simple and classic pieces with other more original. You can do it with shoes. And yes, rather than wearing basic black pumps, take off your eternal tailor pants with a pair of white sneakers, à flakes or with a pair of platform derbies. You can also play the originality map using the mix and match technique. For that, nothing better than message sweatshirt or a rock T-shirt with your skirt or an elegant white shirt with your jeans. Finally, complete your look with accessories such as a hat or a beret and of course, jewelry.

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