What lingerie apparent under a jacket? The answer of our lingerie expert in video

Not easy to show your lingerie in the evening! Yet, with the right model, the bra fits like an accessory under a pretty jacket of tuxedo to give us a holiday look a bit sexy! Discover the advice of our expert in lingerie to dare to show your underwear with chic for the holidays.

This year, it's decided, you twist your tuxedo by playing sexy with your cleavage! No blouse or silky top underneath, only your lingerie must sublimate you to be half-apparent and make this two-piece dressing man an asset that exalts your femininity ... Only here, we do not always good reflexes to find the bra that will highlight us under your trouser jacket jacket ... Fortunately, our lingerie expert Sophie Grimaud, communication director of the Lise Charmel group, explains how to choose your lingerie to show it under a jacket.

Bet on the color!

Yes, we put an end to the misconceptions of the black bra worn under the tuxedo jacket of the same color as the diktat of the apparent lingerie. On the contrary, "Do not hesitate to decide ' as our expert says! Assume 100% apparent bra by opting for a colorful model. Choose it in a deep red tint to play seductresses, an ultra-chic deep blue shade or even a pretty amethyst tone for a more original purple note. Flashy colors that contrast elegantly with the fabric of your black jacket for example. Just think of choosing a color that highlights your skin tone!

Choose a bra style that fits your chest

Again, morphology has its say in the choice of your bra model for a nice neckline! There is no question of covering the chest as much as possible by discomfort or revealing more than would be necessary in the eyes of the assembly. Adopt a perfect bra to sublimate your neckline according to the volume of your hat!
For small breasts, our expert recommends a small carioca which, indented at the edge of the breasts, offers a devastating cleavage without any vulgarity.
As for the generous breasts, they dare to highlight their bust with a bra model fitting but with a deep neckline. Play with the guipures and lace that will dress your chest beautifully!

Video: THE TANYA FLOWERDAY CASE (November 2019).


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