How to dress in the winter to stay chic without getting cold? Our advice & our selection of looks to adopt

With this winter cold you only dream of one thing: hibernate under a plaid pilou pilou. Problem, the wearing of the blanket has not yet become an adequate option to go out or to go to work. Tips and zoom on our selection of fashion pieces to be chic without catching a cold.

Trendy pieces that keep you warm

Winter does not necessarily mean a combination of ski, fleece and wool socks. By opting for the right pieces, you can stay chic without getting cold and without complicating your life. Not bad is not it ?

1) Coats

The base of the base to get warm is obviously the coat. Several options are available to you: the trend of oversized faux fur jackets. They bring you warmth and almost as much comfort as your beloved plaid. The trend of long coats and oversize bathrobe way. They embrace your body with elegance. And finally, the latest ultra fashion option: bomber coats. With them you can brave the cold like an explorer of the Great North!

2) The sweaters

Surely the key element of your winter wardrobe. To choose it both elegant and warm, opt for noble materials such as cashmere or mohair. Side shapes, high neck sweaters are popular. They are chic and feminine, and put all the silhouettes in value. You can also go for oversized sweaters with boat neck or bare shoulders, which bring a glamorous touch to your look.

3) Dresses and skirts

Good news: dresses and skirts are not to be put away when temperatures are negative. Again, do not hesitate to choose pieces in elegant materials such as leather or suede. You can also rush, without hesitation, to the sweater dresses and mesh skirts, like the wool pencil skirts that are sexy and comfortable. Finally, the dresses and long skirts, which come to the level of the ankles, are perfect since they cover almost the whole surface of your legs.

4) The pants

Chic pants without cold legs, it's very simple. First, leave out the flowing pants that let in the wind, as well as the 7 / 8th models. Opt instead for velvet pieces (whether shiny or ribbed) or tailors pants in a material that has a good portion of wool or tweed much warmer than others.

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Good associations

1) The technique of the onion

Certainly, when we read "onion", the first word we think is not chic. Yet, the "onion technique" is a perfect tip for getting hot. It is simply the fact of superimposing several layers of clothing. Of course, to be elegant, you have to mix chic and feminine pieces. You can, for example, mix a turtleneck top, with a Perfecto-style jacket, itself raised by an elegant oversize long coat. You can also wear a white shirt with a large V-neck knit sweater. Other option? A babydoll dress superimposed on a long-sleeved sweater. Thanks to this technique, you can continue to wear all your most elegant pieces, without ever catching cold.

2) Socks and tights

It's the perfect option to continue wearing your dresses and skirts. Of course, we will never advise you enough to buy a good stock of black and opaque tights that, in addition to keep warm and go with all your outfits, curl your legs. But know that this is also the time to have fun. To you satin, patterns, wool and lurex. Finally, under your pants or even over your tights, do not forget the step socks. In addition, many stores offer elegant socks, terribly girly, pimped with feminine patterns, glitter or elegant wool that boost your looks.

3) The accessories

And yes, they must not be forgotten. They too are there to keep you warm with elegance such as berets, wool hats, leather gloves and Plaid plaid scarves.
What about shoes? To not be cold and stay stylish in all circumstances, there is nothing better than boots and boots. Choose them preferably in leather, suede or stuffed inside. And for all those who dare, do not hesitate to crack for waders that are very elegant when they are well chosen.

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