How to dress when you have belly? Tips and fashion shopping!

Fashion and morphology do not always mix. Learn how to hide your little belly by choosing fashionable pieces made to benefit you and follow our 8 tips.

This is niet T-shirts and pullovers fantasy on the stomach. It is also niet sweaters edges that emphasize the bottom of the belly. Effect "Barbapapa" insured! Favor the blouses and tops that have the hold ... without being too tight either.

Unlike pastels and bright colors that catch the eye, black thins everything it touches. No need to transform yourself into a raven, but rather to play with the possibilities offered by the colors. Green fir, burgundy, ultramarine blue, caramel, persimmon, etc. It's chic and anything but sad.

Our grandmothers would have dreamed of having panties as technical as pretty! A lot of brands (and not even specialist brands) have invested the niche and are now offering it.
We also cheat with push-up jeans that gape the belly while going up the buttocks. Thank you technology!

A granny's tip neither seen nor known! Well seen also: the body. We do not talk about sexy lace model, but about her cousin, sewn in a material that curves.

He is the fake friend. Its low-rise cut breaks the natural curve of the body and only emphasizes too much roundness. In short, we immediately adopt high-waisted models and deck pants. To be trendy, we can also afford the jeans "mom", which fits all the belly.

Plus she will be cheap, and more it will be likely to harm you because it will not stand on the length. And, as said above, a round belly requires tops that have holding and not too loose tops or become shapeless over time.
No need to explain to you that a too stretchy fabric will only fluff and put even more emphasis on your beads! Ditto with satin, iridescent and glittery materials that do not forgive anything and that act as a magnifying glass on defects that would prefer to hide.

For that, nothing like a debauchery of accessories: earrings that during the ears, necklaces that plunge your eyes into your neck (whether you have a neckline or not elsewhere, because it works also very good on a high neck sweater), bracelets worn in accumulation that will move to the rhythm of your arms, etc.

We mistakenly believe that they will help us hide our complexes ... in fact, even the parts oversized need to be structured with belts to be really cool.

1: The crop top No, you can never show your belly button without revealing - at the same time - your belly!
2: The slim low waist : not only the cut will piss you off, but in addition the slim will tend to flatten your buttocks. Zero buttocks and too much belly, admit that this is not the desired effect?
3: The elasticated jumpsuit : it may be fashionable, it is the rebound effect guaranteed if you ever dare!

1: The pencil skirt : (no morphology, no complex resists it) its timeless shape succeeds in almost all morphologies. And even to those who have belly. Not bad either: the mid-calf length sheath dress or the trapeze dress that hides the curves around the belly discreetly!
2: The high-waisted jeans, very slightly flare. By simple optical effect, it will rebalance your waist. Besides the more the canvas will be raw, the more the effect will be hot! And associated with a pair of heels, the whole silhouette will be lifted!

(Violeta Collection by Mango, winter 2017-2018)

3: The trench It's not for nothing that he's become a fashion classic. Its belt that is adjusted more or less and its flared shape that falls just above the knees make it a weighty ally that gives style while camouflaging the small can.

(Winter Collection 2017-2018 Violeta by Mango)

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