How to wear the body in the evening? The answer of our lingerie expert in video

This one piece lingerie drawer has seduced us again for a few seasons, and if you wear it sometimes the day without difficulty in casual mode, difficult to know how to choose your model and associate well to wear the evening out boudoir without doing too much. Here are the tips of our expert lingerie to dare to wear a nice body for the holiday season.

Regain of the 90's and some attraction for looks a little sexy, the body is no longer reserved for the room. It is worn day and night and even earns a place in our evening wear! But to make no mistake, our lingerie expert Sophie Grimaud, communication director of the group Lise Charmel, gives you some tips to make the right choices and easily wear a body in the evening.

Choose your body for the holidays

If during the day we tend to choose cotton bodys way t-shirt or ribbed fabric to give it a ready-to-wear look in the blink of an eye, during a festive evening, it is possible to assume his side lingerie without hesitation. A boon if you fall for his look a bit sexy. So you can choose a body model that mixes silky materials and guipures that are perfect for a party look. Lace games are also allowed to play the transparency card with chic.
If you like to enhance your chest, your body can play very low neck, provided you wear it with the right parts as we will see below. You are not sure to assume the alliance of lingerie style and a cleavage? Why not try the cleavage in the back? It is very chic and easier to reveal in the evening.

Combine your body with the right parts

The key to adopting the body in the evening with elegance is to select the pieces with which to wear it. And according to our expert, nothing better than a very chic high-waisted pants that calm the game and gives you a look in body and in society. This is the perfect piece to associate with a body décolleté.
Same for the skirt, high waist why not it too, which then perfect a very glamorous outfit. Provided, of course, not to choose too short but rather with a cut just above the knee for those who want to reveal your legs.

Dress up your body

Another way to display a body with chic and to be, more importantly, more comfortable to assume it during the holidays: bet on a piece or an accessory that adds a little fabric on the top of your outfit. As advised by our expert, go over your lingerie piece a little bolero to cover your shoulders for example. Another tip: throw a scarf on the shoulders for more lightness. Or wear this famous scarf around your neck, letting it fall on the back and on the back. He plays, too, the contrasts with the skin. Thanks to its silky material, it ensures elegance and refinement to the outfit.

Video: HSN. Body Solutions by Rhonda Shear - 06 PM (November 2019).


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