Death of Johnny Hallyday: return on his most beautiful looks

From his first appearances on stage in 1962 to his last public releases, Johnny has always remained true to rock. Between leather, rhinestones, jeans, sequins, tattoos and santiags, return on its 30 most emblematic looks.

He has seen everything, everything known, all lived: glory, success, yé-yés, rockabilly, excesses, years frics, love, cinema, star system, Los Angeles and show biz ... until sickness prevails at the age of 74 on the night of December 5-6, 2017.
Landed in the early 1960s in the shoes of a young man unloved, Jean-Philippe Smet, aka Johnny Hallyday, quickly became a successful singer.
Rediscover in 30 photos the most beautiful looks of Johnny Hallyday throughout his long career.

Very quickly, the idol of young people turns into a beast of stage. For him, nothing is ever too beautiful, nothing is ever enough.
And his looks are an integral part of the show: little by little, he drops the suit and tie Beatles of his debut to adopt a panoply rock, strongly influenced by Elvis Presley - his model. We see him, in turn, dare very Vegas sequined suits, wear his open chest shirts, adjust his jeans with big belts and definitely adopt the Leather Perfecto. Added to that are his big jewels, tattoos and banana hair, and that's about all that makes Johnny Hallyday's unique style. Half rocker, half idol of the sixties but still rebellious.

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