Beautiful lingerie: 30 sets of winter guns to sublimate all the morphos

It is essential but we especially want to choose pretty and elegant whatever our silhouette. Luckily the beautiful lingerie is now at all sizes and at all costs, the proof by 30 with our selection of irresistible models.

A beautiful lingerie is primarily a set or even a one-piece that flatters your shape and highlights your strengths. To choose, we put on its look but also and especially on its shape that will make the difference on your curves.

>> Find your ideal parure in our lingerie lingerie selection to sublimate all morphologies!

Generous or discreet chest: what bra models to choose?

Of course, everything depends on your hat! If he is small and discreet, he will appreciate ultra-light triangles with charming details such as those slightly padded for more coverage, sexy lace or sporty cotton bandeau headbands with a logo ... Also take a look at the trash models that put in value the neckline by accentuating the rebound of the breasts. With cockles, he plays it so devastating, without them, it is the perfect compromise between a triangle and a more structuring model. And for a maddening curve, also dare the push-up bra that enhances the chest and amplifies its volume for a wow effect!
Bonnet medium, you are lucky everything is allowed to sublimate at will, sometimes in all lightness, sometimes with models to boost the volume and give you a sensual look to perfection.
When the cleavage is more natural glamor, turn to models underwire that provide essential support. The good choice ? A bra that has wide straps allowing greater comfort to support the deep cups without marking the shoulders. For generous breasts, better also a well fitting model to be comfortable, at least the day. In the evening, dare the neckline maddening without worries. And for those who are complexed by their luscious silhouette, the minimizer has the same attractions, but it is designed to visually reduce the volumes of the most generous breasts. A great ally!

Here you are well informed to make a nice neckline with your bra, now let's move on to the rest of the adornment ...

Panties, shorty or thong: which bottom to choose to highlight my forms?

To be comfortable underneath, the lingerie stockings must not be neglected either. With each morpho her panties fetish! If you have wide hips to hide, a small incipient belly to camouflage or a bouncy buttocks that you complex, dare models of curvaceous shortys that wrap your curves and smooth your shapes. Your rather flat buttocks are a problem for you? Adopt fancy pants with frills and knots to boost their volume! Your pretty gluteus is firm and bounced just right? Dare the thong that reveals your booty to have beautiful buttocks!

Which body for which morphology?

If the cup hats preferred is the same as the bra that highlights your breasts, the rest of your silhouette is also to take into account when choosing your model. If your figure has nothing to hide, all audacities are allowed the sexy transparency to seductive velvet effect. On the other hand, bet on tight knit fabrics if you have a little belly to hide because they will wrap and smooth the small beads so that they go unnoticed.

What trends to adopt this winter?

Lace & embroidery at the top
These inescapable lingerie drawer take precedence over other fantasies this winter. They are more or less classic and floral or graphic and modern, depending on the occasion. It's the must-have lingerie of the season to wear under its sweater and jeans.

Deep colors and a flagship print
Lingerie comes in the season with intense colors such as plum, purple, red, blue, fir green, mustard yellow and gray, not to mention some notes of walleye added to the essential ornament or black body.
Finally, adopt the floral print without fear of being out of season because it is (almost) the only one to resist this winter facing lace and embroidery.

Cape without further ado on the beautiful winter lingerie!

Video: Making of Beautiful Woman Lingerie - Coleção Dream Flower (November 2019).


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