How to dress for the holidays?

Glitter, lace, heels? Not easy to find THE outfit to put on his 31. Want to get out of the basics without being disguised? Our tips to avoid fashion faux-pas.

The end of year celebrations are an opportunity to wear outfits that change the ordinary. One word of order then: make fun! However, be careful not to overdo it: respect your style and your personality and play with accessories.

Glitter, lace ... and basic
If sequins and lace are more than ever allowed at this time of year, however, avoid the total look at the risk of being too "Bling". So choose a sequined piece, or a lace, to wear with a plain and classic clothing. For example, with pleated trousers or a straight skirt just above the knee, or longer depending on your taste. If, on the contrary, you have flashed on a worked skirt or glittery leggings, remember that your top must be sober and monochrome for maximum elegance.

The dress, a must-have
Infinitely feminine and ultra-glamorous, the dress is a must during the holidays. Once again, it's time to have fun, but avoid fashion faux-pas. Want a sequined evening dress? In this case, choose a model with a fitted cut, neither too short nor too tight to avoid falling into "vulgarity". Bet on a sober and matte color fabric such as black or navy blue.
If, on the contrary, you prefer a basic dress, treat yourself to the cut: bustier or décolletée, try and compare. Side color, try a nice red, for example. And do not forget to bet on the accessories to enhance the outfit: a jumper that highlights your neckline or a nice pair of sequined earrings that makes your head wear ultra-glamorous.

What shoes?
It can never be repeated enough, the heels embellish the most silhouette! To refine your legs as much as possible, forget ballerinas, or even wedges and boots. Opt for a pair of pumps. The height of the heel depends on you. If you are used to heels, 9 or 10 cm should not scare you. If instead, you are a fan of the dish, opt for a model of 4 to 5 cm maximum.
Match the color of the shoes to that of your outfit or your bag / pouch, and remember that the black remains timeless. For a sexy and chic touch, patent leather is essential.
Finally, if your outfit is already very worked, avoid spangled or studded shoes and bet on sobriety.

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