The 10 commandments fashion of the perfect eve!

The holidays are coming and you can not wait to choose your best outfit. Euphoric, you have only one desire: to let go! To do it, and do it well, here are our 10 tips to avoid any odd ones.

1) Has a mirror ball, you will not look like
So yes, glitter, you love them and during the holidays, you like to let it know. Besides, they are a bit like your dressing leitmotiv. But now, look like a light garland, or worse, a ball giant facet, it's not very chic. So, ladies, respect this golden rule: you have to go in love! Two options are available to you. If you are an unconditional glitter, opt for an imposing roomlike a trendy sequined dress. We advise you however to remain wise on accessories, hair and makeup. If instead, you want to adopt them more discreetly, crack for an accumulation of small pieces : boots, shiny derbies, iridescent wool, to mix with a glittering pouch to combine sobriety and festive look at the same time.

2) The sexy look will forget you
Plunging neckline, micro skirt, high heels, leather, lace, transparency ... STOP and pay attention to the accumulation of sexy parts under penalty of indigestion. While you are with your family or with friends, especially avoid the bimbo look who goes to nightclub on the evening of December 24th.

3) White you will not dare
We agree, white is ultra elegant. But beware, it's also a potentially dangerous color. Imagine a little disaster: a pretty white dress, an accident of glass of red wine, a tumble of turkey with chestnuts or worse, a fall of chocolate beech. In short, to avoid this kind of "drama", we advise you simply to avoid wearing white and book this color instead of the summer dinners.

4) Gold and silver will be your best allies
Who says feast, says radiant colors obviously. For that, what better than gold or silver. In addition it's good, these two colors are at the top of the trend this year. So jump on this occasion, and do not hesitate to choose these luminous and modern shades for your Christmas party.

5) Accessories you will not abuse
To be as decorated as your Christmas tree? Between us ... it's not really advisable. So not to be the twin of your Christmas tree, wear your accessories sparingly. Between the headband, the hat, the necklaces, the bracelets, the rings and the pockets ... it will be necessary to make a choice. So you can opt for wearing an imposing and original accessory, as a bib necklace, to mix with a top or a black dress. If on the contrary, your outfit is already original, choose to wear only a few small jewels, preferably fine and discreet, to avoid an accumulation and mix and match of accessories that might make you look like Christmas decorations.

6) The flesh-colored tights you will not wear
You may already know it, but flesh pantyhose, unless you practice ballet or rhythmic gymnastics, are strictly forbidden, under penalty of a bad taste trial. So if you opt for a dress or skirt, needless to say that black tights are de rigueur. In addition, there are all kinds. You can choose them totally opaque, they will refine your legs, slightly transparent for a sexy little side, or even raised peas way satin, for a girly touch and retro, which will bring fun to all your outfits.

7) For the jumpsuit, you'll fall in love
Ideal not to take the head for hours in front of your dressing room on New Year's Eve, the combination is officially your best friend of the year 2016. Resolutely trendy, she is modern, comfortable and ultra elegant. And we do not ask for more for the holidays. Thanks to her, you will certainly be the most fashionable of all for the end of the year.

8) New shoes you will not wear
The temptation is great! For parties, you only want to wear your new shoes. However, we advise you to think twice. Why ? Simply because having pain in your feet all through the night with blisters could spoil the party. And as to suffer to be beautiful, it is not really any more current, do not hesitate to opt for comfortable shoes. And yes, you do not have to be perched on 10 cm to be pretty. Iridescent sneakers will do just fine, as well as patent derbies or even pretty boots in leather.

9) Holding in green and red, you will not adopt
Green, red ... So yes, it's true, these are the colors of Christmas. But is it really a good reason for them to pimper your outfit in total look? Not really. The goal is to avoid being confused with our friend Santa Claus.

10) Leggings, you will forbid
So yes. Leggings are very, very, very comfortable. And yes, when it's cold and during a cocooning party, he becomes your best friend. But for the holidays, it is strongly advised to leave it aside. And yes, on Christmas Eve, it does not celebrate in fitness clothing.

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