How to wear gold and silver?

The end of year celebrations are often the opportunity to wear pretty gold and silver outfits. Yes, but how and with what to wear them without falling into disguise? Our tips

Denise Houssard, image consultant, takes stock of these colors to adopt and gives us her tips to stay chic and stylish during the holidays. "First of all, the color has its own language.It speaks through nuances, intensities, but also forms, lines, volumes ... It transmits multiple messages.Watch our Impressionists, they left us a beautiful lesson of hot / cold contrast: With the help of a simple nuance, the image of a person can become cheerful, peaceful, melancholic, aggressive or dynamic.The color allows to express various expressions on the face. depend on the typology, noted in the light of day: the color of skin, that of the eyes, without forgetting the natural base of the color of the hair. "

In ready-to-wear, who do you recommend to wear gold instead?
As for the warm hue, the composition includes more yellow in the color. So, here's who I would recommend to focus on gold:
- Fair complexions with often freckles, brown hair with red or golden hues, green, turquoise, blue or hazel eyes.
- Beige dyed golden with freckles (sometimes) or golden peach skin, with brown hair, auburn or red, rather dark, and brown or green eyes, rather dark also.

And money?
As for the cool shade, this time, the composition includes more blue in the color. Here's who I will advise the money for:
- Fair complexions (tendency to rosy) and tan with difficulty, with light hair, blond and blue eyes, gray-blue or green.
- Contrasting complexions, that is to say, pale, ivory or porcelain, or on the contrary tanned, matt, black, and even olive or peach. For hair, often brown, bluish black, dark chestnut, gray or white, and brown, dark green, blue-green or gray-blue, dark eyes.

It should be noted that there is no "advertising stereotype" and any theory has its limits, so test well also in front of the mirror a warm color, then a cold color, and opt for the one that gives a complexion of dream for the one who lifts!

With which colors to mix the gold?
Combine gold with warm colors, it's easier: just take your personal color palette and make the contrasts that work best. For example: the matte and shiny effect on the same color.

And money, we coordinate it with what colors?
There, it will be associated with cold colors. I do not forget that some creators have looked at the association gold and silver and it is very successful. Apart from the pure creations, the gold-silver mixture does not highlight: it's too heavy!

What are the mistakes not to commit?
The superposition of effects ... kills the effect! It is wiser to respect the chosen contrast. There is no ugly color, only seductive or mischievous color relationships. Above all, make sure to do tests in the light of the day.

Do you advise more to opt for a strong gold or silver coin or small touches?
The most important thing is to focus on the desired effect. If you prefer the main garment (dress or set) gold / silver, the accessories must be sober. If, on the contrary, we opt for a slightly more neutral outfit, accessories such as the scarf, the belt, jewelry or shoes will enhance the toilet.

How to find the right balance?
The right balance will be the harmony of similar tones with a gradient effect or a contrast effect. It is enough that the choice is clear. Avoid, for example, to wear all the jewels at the same time!

Always in the outfit, can we wear gold and silver together?
If we let a creator turn us into "queen of Sheba" why not, but in general this kind of association is too "busy". One or the other will put better value. Do not be overshadowed by the garment!

And jewelry and accessories side, can we mix?
For jewelry and accessories, it's the same principle. If you want to avoid falling into the too "disguised", we respect its range of colors, and we opt for its ideal color, the one that suits us well. Gold or silver? The mixture, in any case, would cancel the precious effect!

Finally, one last tip to not look like a "Christmas tree" during the holidays?
Avoid the "too much"!

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