What bra for a pretty neckline? The answer of our lingerie expert in video

Do you dream of a sensational cleavage? Shy or revealing, you choose your side to make a beautiful neckline custom-made with the advice of our lingerie expert.

Valentine's Day is a good time to highlight your femininity by the outfit and accessory certainly, but also with the help of a nice lingerie to reveal your chest a little thanks to an elegant neckline - and why not frightening ?
Small chest or generous, desire of sobriety or curve, our expert in lingerie Sophie Grimaud, communication director of the group Lise Charmel, explains you how to make the right choices to display a neckline of dream.

Rest assured, whatever your desires and your morphology, there is a lingerie solution to sublimate yours because, as our expert points out, "From the moment we stay in harmony with what we are and feel good about ourselves: everything is possible because it is a matter of assuming things .”

Dare transparency and the second skin effect

Your allies are then caracos and lace dolls that allow to play the transparency and feather second skin. The only rule of thumb: swap your bra for nipple caches that pass incognito under your top or your combination to ensure the elegance of your outfit by keeping the tip of the breasts secret. It's the detail that makes the difference between alcove lingerie and festive lingerie, and that allows you to display ultra-chic transparency in society.

Mix sets of overlays and deep neckline

Another boldness of the lingerie drawer, the bra is also subtly revealing the time of a look playing hide and seek with an overcoat that has a deep neckline. Another way to dare transparency by playing this time the card of the superposition. Then adopt a nice and elegant bra that is displayed without complex under a classic V-neck jacket or even a tuxedo jacket for a 100% evening look. And for the shy ones, will you tell us? Why not mix it with a simple, reasonably unbuttoned vest, as our expert also suggests.

Reveal your back in body

Revisit the neckline in a lingerie piece to associate the maintenance of a finery to the coverage of a camisole! Then choose a body worked in a delicate lace to reveal a neckline in the back veiled pattern, to wear with a very light sweater which also offers a deep neckline but of course in the back to vary the pleasures. Moreover, discover our selection of 20 beautiful bodys to wear day and night!

Video: Bra Accessories That Actually Work! (November 2019).


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