PICTURES - Kate Midd-le-ton, pregnant and chic in a Zara coat for 99,95 €

The Duchess of Cambridge is also a follower of cheap fashion pieces, and it succeeds!

Pregnant of his third child, Kate Middleton has never been so radiant as today. Discrete at the very beginning of her pregnancy because of some health problems, she quickly returned to the front of the royal scene by not forgetting her status as a seasoned fashionist. Combining both casual and sporty outfits as dazzling dresses molding her little belly, Kate Middleton has lost nothing of its superb. Lately, the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge has been seen in the act of cracking fashion at low cost, wrapping her baby bump in a beautiful warm coat for the winter! A trendy check patterned plaid coat this season from the Fall / Winter 2017-2018 collection of one of our favorite Spanish brands: Zara!
This mid-length man's coat, perfect for dressing in a casual outfit, is simply gorgeous on its big white sweater and dark black jeans. A coat still available in some sizes on the e-shop of the brand at a price of € 99.95 only for those who would like to offer the same. But it's a safe bet that it will be very soon out of stock!
With this brief appearance, Kate proves that Meghan and she can share the crown of fashionable must-have without worries!

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