What lingerie to adopt for the holidays? The advice of our fashion expert in video

The desire to feel beautiful and self-confident begins with neat and well chosen underwear that flatters your femininity and puts you in beauty before donning your evening dress.

Whether you decide to show or hide lingerie is a story of style and morpho. This is what Sophie Grimaud tells us our expert in lingerie, communication director of the group Lise Charmel. For our guest, the right balance is to choose well according to its silhouette, but also having fun without giving up our desires for style. Intimate pleasure or to share? And if we took advantage of the holiday atmosphere for our underwear to take over. So our camisole becomes top and our combination is transformed into a dress. But what to show and how? We give you the answer.

Body output

It is the best ally of the high waist that comes back in pants as in straight skirt. It will give you a nice curve and can give the illusion of losing a size or erase a small belly by flattening it if it contains a good dose of elastane. If it has a push-up effect, it also increases your chest contour for a more generous cleavage. Or, conversely, it can also minimize an excess of volume. In any case, its sobriety is suitable for a dandy look in addition to a tuxedo powder grain or velvet evening pajamas popular this winter.

The camisole is displayed

It is the friend of the busts menus, more flexible and more feminine, one plays it under an oversized fluid jacket and with slim jeans for a glam rock effect. We then favor a beautiful color: ruby, midnight blue or amethyst or topaz depending on its complexion. We opt for a satin trimmed with a beautiful contrasting lace. And if you're looking for a nice hold, you slip under a strapless bra, or, wilder and more natural, we just put "caches nipples".

Dancing combi

We love this idea of ​​lightness of a dress that slips on the body and follows your movements. More or less long depending on your legs and the desired effect, it goes from mid-thigh to ultra long. Ballerinas with shorter and flanged sandals for long versions. If one assumes this little naughty cabaret side, one dresses his combination of a silk stole or a feather boa. More timid, we use the black and flexible oversized blazer that hides what is needed and gives back chic.

Party bra

We stripped ourselves playing cleavage. But no question of playing it sad, it is filled with a frivolous note and a touch of originality. The secret ? Choose the bra shape that suits you best, carioca for small breasts, more fitting model for heavier ones. Then, leaving to reveal its finery we play the contrast of the color. We let emerge her pretty strap. So, as a jewel, your lingerie is part of your look.

Garter belt in madness

Reserved for the youngest or the most fashionable of us, divert his lingerie to make a bold fashion element. So, we put his bra on his sock pullover. We use his corset bustier to encanailler his white shirt, or we wear his garter belts to flirt his jeans wood. Guaranteed wahoo effect. We will talk about your look throughout next year.

So happy holidays to all.

Video: Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski (November 2019).


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