Party bags perfect for parties

When you go to a party, a cover can change everything and especially transform, in two-thirds, a party look. Zoom on the trend news of the season!

Why choose an evening bag rather than a bag?

In the evening, you tend to want to take your entire house with you: what to do with your make-up remakes, a pair of sneakers for the after-party, your wallet, and your phone obviously. Except here, having a backpack or a huge bag to go dancing, it's not really practical. The solution ? A simple little pouch. So certainly, you can only put your phone, your lipstick and your credit card (well, finally, it's a little vital). Much more elegant than a city bag, the cover allows you to lighten your outfit while bringing style to all your looks. In addition to being practical, it brighten up all the rooms of your dressing room even a simple little black dress.

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Evening bags: which trendy models to adopt?

Side models, the trend is multiple and goes flat pockets envelope way for a sleek and graphic side, the minaudières for a retro atmosphere, or the pockets with chain that always bring a chic and rock side to your outfits. The materials are, this season, very winter: velvet, suede, leather and lace. These are elegant and festive and perfect to twister a small evening bag.
As for colors, black is always on the rise as it goes with everything. But the more colorful hues also lend themselves to the game: turquoise blue, night blue, red, emerald green, rust, burgundy, mustard yellow or even nude pink. The stylish detail to adopt is officially iridescent or completely sequined shades. Why ? Simply because they boost and brighten any outfit.

What to wear your evening bag?

If you adopt a sober look, like a little black dress or tuxedown pants mixed with an elegant top, it is essential to give everything on the choice of your wallet. And yes, it's with a pretty pouch that your look will have this little detail that makes all the difference. So this is the perfect time to opt for wallets flakesiridescent, with sequins, pearls or punctuated with fringes and pompoms. You can also crack for patterned patterns, graphic prints or ethnic prints. If, on the contrary, you give everything on your outfit with a sexy dress, printed pieces or glitter, calm the game with your pocket. Opt for a model with clean lines and classic, no frills: bet on black, camel and plain.
You are ready to accessorise your little black dress and your other party outfits!



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