Which coat to choose this winter? Our morpho guide

There is something for all tastes and all silhouettes. XXL or strictly military lines, flashy colors, checked ... we help you find the warm and stylish overcoat adapted to your look and with whom you want to spend the winter.

Parka, the basic consensual

This is the mantle that reconciles all morphologies, subtly expanding the smallest silhouettes, while providing structure to those more forms. It is chosen from mid-thigh length, to avoid that it does not cup. With a preference for navy blue: casual but chic! The casual-style parka is paired with well-made basics (raw denim, a nice shirt ...). On the other hand, it does not support the shift with too feminine pieces.

Cotton parka, QS designed by, 129,90 €

Maxi-overcoat, special slender lines

This season, long cuts are de rigueur. At mid-calf, it's perfect if you do not want to get your feet wet while walking. Injustly, these pieces are reserved for large statures (more than 1.65 m), as well as dynamic morphologies to accentuate the statuary effect. Below, we wear clothes close to the body, straight (skirt or tube dress ...). And we marry him to flat shoes, more modern, if we do not want to pay too much in the lady style.

Long wool coat, Madeleine, 365 €

Checkered for V silhouettes

Pronounced bodice, voluptuous breast and thin legs? Head to the checkered models, whose pattern (from top to bottom) rebalances the silhouette. It is chosen fitted to the shoulders and knee length so that it structures the pace. Big or small reasons, it's up to you! If you have some roundness, prefer the tight impressions, and black and white, Prince-of-Wales type, chic and sober.

Schoolrag Viscose and polyester check coat, 189 €

Officer style, ideal for wide hips

With its strict appearance and flared cut, the officer coat reduces the curves of the lower body morphologies in A. Its combination of navy blue and gold buttons makes it a joker chic: it complements his style with an elegant outfit, type navy crepe pants and cream silk shirt. It is also off-the-wall coat on a dress dress: a modern alliance!

Wool officer coat, Les Petites, 425 €

Egg format, the ally of luscious forms

Otherwise called ball, this coat has shoulders down. Cut in a fabric often not thick, it is perfect for voluptuous morphologies: its cut enhances the forms without marking them. Rather than the classic black, we opt for soft colors, feminine. The ball coat fits all styles: with city sneakers and straight pants or over a belted dress with ankle boots, a real asset!

Polyester egg coat, Kiabi, 45 €

Flashy hues, the friends of small templates

Less than 1.60 m, the brightly colored coat is your perfect companion, perfect to make an impression without overdoing it. With him, no frills: we choose a straight cut, type overcoat. And for the length? Maximum knee length. This winter, it is the dynamic tangerine or pink fuchsia that make us vibrate. Finally, we let the color make its show: only solid and neutral colors (black, gray, brown, cream ...) as an accompaniment.

Wool coat, 1.2.3, 260 €

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