5 fashion tips to hide your little belly

Your little "can" you complex? Do not panic, fashion folds in four (and even five) to come to your rescue so that you are finally as comfortable in your clothes as in your sneakers!

A belly a little fleshy, a small marked bead or just a too hard judgment towards our body: when the belly complex, it is sometimes difficult to get dressed because we see only him! Rest assured, there are some simple habits to take for hide it easily through fashion. Follow the guide !

1. Make your little ones blouse

Here is a simple technique that requires no purchase. And besides, it has already proven itself! Slightly tuck the bottom of your top in your jeans, pants or even your skirt and have it bloused to create a natural volume that does not mark the folds of the belly. T-shirt, shirt or sweater, everything goes! In addition, it will give you a very cool look so do not hesitate!

2. Adopt peplum pieces to camouflage her little belly

While it is true that all the details located at the level of the belly are in general to proscribe not to attract the eyes on your area of ​​complexes, the cut peplum is, on the other hand, the only exception which confirms the rule. Why ? Simply because this kind of flared cut called "Basque" and that takes the form of big steering wheel will hide a garment that creases under the belly and will hide a place where the fabric usually marks a small bead. Charming t-shirts to wear with jeans or skirts, trompe-l'oeil dress with integrated peplum, adopt these malignant pieces that you avoid the anxiety when you sit when you have a little belly.

3 - Bet on straight or flared cuts

Yes, they are not to neglect to dress without molding your shape and remain elegant despite a plump belly. With them, you do not fall into the pitfall of too big and shapeless clothes, but you do not find yourself either sausage or tight and that is essential! Cap on the straight cuts that they are in top or in dresses and on the flared skirts or the stockings of dresses which widen to the envy for a camouflage in all discretion. They are unstoppable to hide your little belly like nothing.

4 - Banish tops and short jackets

If they are very pretty and we like their side sometimes cool sometimes rock, they necessarily focus on the belly and small beads when you have them. These are not the best clothing options to showcase you. Better to evict them from your closet so you do not commit fashion faux-pas because of your morphology. However, bet without hesitation on long jackets to look slimmer!

5 - A sculpting lingerie to erase her belly

This is the secret weapon that we do not always want to draw but that remains unrivaled in a tight dress, a long top or a pencil skirt close to the body. Body that curves or panties high a retro strand that helps us to find a flat stomach, we say yes the time of a second skin outfit! Moreover, discover without further delay our lingerie selection to camouflage curves and highlight the shapes!

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