20 bags under € 30 that throw it!

Pouches, bags or bucket bags: succumb to the most cannons of the season without fearing the call of your banker with our selection at low prices!

Nubuck, real-life leatherette, sequins, pompoms, scarves, rhinestones, tiny pockets or retro bags: there is always a cheap bag to hit us in the eye and make us crack! Because we never have enough, discover immediately our selection of 20 bags guns for this winter to less than 30 €. What shopper many models for associate them with all your outfits !

At the top of the list is small bags. There is only one for them: they flood the shelves of the shops and appear on the arms of all fashionistas. Between the wallet that slides in a larger bag the day as a maxi-wallet (and that is then worn at arm's length in the evening) and the satchel bag, just like the shoulder bag whose length is adjusted depending on the desired effect, there is something for all tastes and desires.
But the model that buzze and that could well end up at the foot of the Christmas tree is the mini bag round. Not very practical but it's the kind of accessory that, on its own, feminises an outfit in the blink of an eye!

In the larger category, bucket bags continue their breakthrough while backpacks come out of their off-road look to adopt city formats and looks downright chic.

We are not going to lie to each other. At less than 30 euros, you will very rarely have to make leather - real - and much more often to leatherette.
And if, by chance, you come across a leather model, do not delude yourself about the quality of it. No chance for it to come from a hand-made factory or an Italian factory renowned for the quality of its skins.
To shoot prices without sacrificing style, however, the fast-fashion brands do not skimp on the details which will make the bag go from accessory to must-have: here are ruffles, here rhinestones jewels, again a funny printed fabric or metal rivets that boost the overall look of the model.
In short, full of tips that will make it once again very difficult to resist the temptation!

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