The jacket at 1400 euros from Brigitte Macron

Winter is here. And to protect herself from the cold, Brigitte Macron has opted for one of the essential fashion of the season: the down jacket. Discover the model for which the first lady has cracked but also, its price.

When it's cold, Brigitte Macron is not the type to choose a small coat lightweight. To brave the winter temperatures, the first lady cracks indeed for the jacket. A perfect choice when you know that this coat is back since, now, several seasons. On the other hand, if in the signs and on the models the hour is at the puffy jacket vintage inspired by eigthies, Brigitte Marcron is moving towards a much more elegant piece. This is, in any case, what we saw when the pretty blonde was walking his dog, Nemo, in the gardens of the Elysee. For the occasion, she had opted for a jacket Moncler, specialist brand of the down jacket. She wore a long black pattern, belted at the waist and quilted with very couture details. The latter highlighted his silhouette, which is not the case with all jackets. But now, this jacket has a price and it is not within the reach of everyone since it costs 1395 euros.

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