Did Meghan Markle accidentally unveil the name of the designer of her wedding dress?

Has Prince Harry's fiancée ever made an indiscretion on their marriage?

The betrothal has just been made official that a primordial question already occupies the spirit of fashionistas: but what dress will wear Meghan Markle for his marriage to Prince Harry?
Not sure that the main interested managed to keep us spellbound for a long time ... The pretty young woman has indeed already talked about the wedding dress of her dreams to the press in an interview given to Glamor magazine.

Meghan Markle then confided to the women's newspaper that she " prefers the original and subtly-romantic wedding dresses And more specifically white dresses like the models of Delphine Mani-vet (the French creator) and Chris-tos Costa-rel-los who, according to his own words, "remain (s) favored for their singularity and beauty". But blurring a little tracks, she also said in the same interview: " But I will always be a big fan of'Elie Saab ! ".

Confidences that could provide us with clues about the wedding dress she might wear for her marriage to Prince Harry.
Prudence all the same, the one who gave up her career as an actress to marry her prince charming had held its offers in 2016 for the last season of the series Suits during which his character marries his partner on the screen.
The future will tell if Meghan Markle has not changed her mind or if she plans to entrust her wedding dress to the care of a British designer, and why not at the same fashion house that Kate Middleton had chosen to know Alexander McQueen.

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