25 festive cannons to shine on New Year's Eve

You are rather dress, skirt or pants? Whatever your style, find your perfect evening outfit in our selection of the most beautiful party looks!

What dress for the end of the year parties?

No need to remind you that the little black dress is always a good idea! Simple and basic, wear it well accessorized with shoes, a wallet and some well chosen jewelry. For it to be self-sufficient, bet on an original model, a stitch with a big knot for example, twisted small metallic patterns or adorned with tulle and lace.
And to change from the traditional little black dress, dare the color with a nice blue night trend that remains sober while being more peppy than black or a little red dress, a color that would make all women irresistible!
The most daring will not hesitate to put on a little golden dress stacked in the festive spirit, in all over assumed with a gold dress or more original thanks to the contrasting glitter on a black garment or a game of black stripes and gold.

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What to wear for the holidays when you do not want to put on a dress?

The ideal alternative for those who do not have a holiday dress, do not want to put on it, or are looking for a customizable look that is easy to concoct and wear, it's without a doubt the skirt + top combination that allows you to play either the originality card on one of the pieces only or you have fun with materials, colors and textures thanks to the combination of your top with your skirt or your jacket. In the first case, you can for example crack for a skirt above the knee, metallic, ultra festive and bold, reassured by a black long-sleeved top and round neck that calms the game is an association easier to wear than a dress entirely golden or silver. Or you can dare the total party look with a sequined skirt that you wear with a velvet top and a bi-material jacket. With a skirt and a little top, the combinations are endless for you to make a custom party look.

What evening dress for women with pants?

Yes, it's not just the dress or the skirt to be feminine at wish on Christmas Eve! Adepts of the androgynous style and in love with the pants will be delighted to wear it on this great occasion. Choose the chic fashion tailor's pants and why not high waist to emphasize your sensual curves, especially if you have a size wasp. Opt for classic dress pants with a shimmery top or dare to use a satiny material to pair it with more sober pieces. You can then wear it with a variety of charming little evening tops, spaghetti straps top with glittery sweater for the more chilly. You can also give a festive look to your pantsuit by mixing the stockings with a brocade jacket or opulent print.

What combination to wear for parties?

Another highlight of the festivities, the combination is invited to the party to dress in the blink of an eye. Classic in elegant black, she dares details in lace, sequins and other sequins when she is not distinguished by her plunging neckline or back. It is then easily associated with flashy accessories that awaken your look. But also go for the color with a velvet burgundy or bottle green piece that combines essential material of the season and color ideal for parties. And if you are a fan of gold, do not hesitate to bet on a casual model in a fabric that mixes black and gold to be at the top without doing too much.
By chance for those who like to make their legs an asset, the combination is also shortened in playsuit to highlight and be a bit sexy. A boon for you to own the combi in festive mode!

And you, for what party look will you crack?

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